Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favorite Thing: Fiestaware

Sorry I have been away so long! In learning to appreciate the little things I have and love, I snapped this pic as a part of a little apartment "Favorite Thing" scavenger hunt.

I have loved Fiestaware since I first saw it way back over 10 years ago. When I got my first apartment and later registered for my wedding, Fiestaware was always at the top of the list. I love the vibrant colors, the way the pieces mix and match in their sturdy cheerfulness. They make every meal fun, bright and happy for me.

The original Fiestaware was manufactured from 1936 to 1973, then it was rereleased in 1985. Today there are more than 25 colors in production, and you can buy pieces individually, in placesettings, and specific pieces like pitchers, vases, etc. I have mostly basic casual dining ware, but also a few platters, pitchers, and vases that are sprinkled around my home.

You can find Fiestaware on amazon.com for great prices. I have various pieces in the Sunflower, Shamrock, Cobalt, Turquoise colors and I am hoping to collect more. I find having this collection is a great thing when it comes to giftgicing--and my wonderful mom is always on the lookout for true antique Fiestaware in her adventures! I have one vintage white pitcher from the 1950s (not a rerelease) that I really treasure.

Do you have a favorite china/dishware or item in your kitchen that makes you really happy? Any recommendations, loves?


  1. I'm so excited to see this! I love, love, LOVE Fiestaware. My favorite pieces are my turqoise coffe cup and butter dish, shamrock small bowls (for cereal), marigold mixing bowls, and heather (purple) presentation dish. I think it's a great idea for gift-givers, and usually get a piece on my birthday and Christmas. I've collected a lot of the colors in dinner plates - my husband always comments on how 'festive' the table looks. :)

  2. My dish collection is milk glass. It's a creamy white color. My mom too, searches for pieces and they turn up under the Christmas tree.

  3. I love Fiesta too. My favorite color is chartreuse, which they sadly discontinued right after I started collecting it. Fortunately I got a couple of place settings and a serving plate while I could. But I'm forever in search of a chartreuse fruit bowl and sandwich plate...

  4. I have all my mom's Fiesta ware bought in the mid 1960's. I have the original stuff and I love it:)

  5. Fiestaware is so durable and vibrant! Although most of my kitchen does not match as of now, I am just starting a jadite collection. I love my salt n' pepper shakes and sugar shaker, and hope to find a butter dish and set of mixing bowls soon.

    Love your blog!

  6. Kate - the new color LEMONGRASS that comes out this summer has a chartreuse feel to it, although side-by-side they are a completely different shade. Maybe that will help your collection some.

  7. Hi--Just browsing through your blog and leaving comments! smile
    I never heard of Fiestaware and I have to check it out now from your post--it looks so Southwestern and the colors are brilliant!

  8. I just spent the day gleefully shopping for a new set of Fiestaware dishes! It's nice to know that there are other people out there just as in love with the timeless beauty of Fiesta as I am!

    I checked prices, selection, and reviews on many sites. The HomerLaughlin factory, Macys.com, amazon.com, and Dillards.com all have a good selection. Kohls.com has a more limited selection, but some great prices (especially if you use your Kohls card during one of their sale days). But I chose to buy my Fiestaware from zestydishes.com. They have a great selection, will let you mix and match pieces, and have some of the best prices I found. For every $100 you spend, you get a free gift. (I got 2 one-quart bowls and a large pitcher for free.)

    After quite a bit of deliberation (who knew I could be so crazy about picking colors?), I finally chose a mixed set of ivory and turquoise. I opted for 12 place settings, and added a few gusto bowls and jumbo mugs. I can't wait for it to arrive!!

  9. I too bought most of my Fiestaware from Zestydishes.com I love how you can buy place settings with subsitutions. My sets all have a luncheon plate and a java mug with them instead of salad plate and ring handle mugs. When family members come over the kids have their size plate and adults can use the larger ones. A set of 14 fits nicely in my cupboard and now I am looking forward to some serving pieces.
    My collection started last Christmas and I added to it for my birthday (all from Zesty Dishes.) I can totally see how easy it would be to go Fiestaware crazy! Everything is so beautiful and we are so happy about the cheerful colors in our kitchen now. Our old dishes were white, what a difference color can make.
    The Homer Laughlin website is having a sale all this month girls (June of every year) the lemongrass is on presale and Heather is 20% off! So get out your checkbooks and check it out!


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