Friday, April 24, 2009

Found: Boyfriend Jeans

OK, I am pretty excited about this.

At last! I have found Boyfriend jeans I like! Let me back up...I had wanted to find a pair of these "roughed up" jeans for a while. Its a style I have never worn before, but the JCrew ones weren't quite right for me. For one, I like a bit darker jean, also they were too $$$$.

I saw these jeans in the Gap a while ago and didn't pull the trigger. If I remember correctly, I was sort of in between sizes at the time--the 10s I tried on felt slightly loose but I wasn't ready for the size 8s. Those jeans have been in the back of my mind for a couple months, as they were also much more reasonably priced--$59.50.

I finally went back to the Gap last week only to find out they are almost sold out. They are called the Roslyn Boyfriend jean, Retail only, and tough to find. For some reason, this always makes me want to find them more, I can't help it. I called around to some local stores to no avail. Also, if you are interested in these--beware, there is a Straight leg ripped jean that is narrower and stiffer, make sure you know the one you want.

Anyway, using 1-800-GapStyle I finally found a store that had some, and placed a charge send and they arrived last night! Wahoo, I really love these. They are soft, fit great, comfortable, and I can wear them rolled or straight down. I also am wearing the size 8s now, which is both exciting and also better as I think they will stretch out.

Sorry for this sort of thigh-intense photo, wanted to show the rips...they are more of roughed-up scuffs than they are "holes". There are about 4 roughed parts on the jeans, about 1.5 inches each (not huge gashes).

This is me excitedly trying them on, but today I wore:


  1. The J. Crew boy jeans are one of my favorite cuts and I love them! I did get them over the winter on one of the big sales though, they are expensive! I think these look great on you and you did a great job with your polyvore set! I did just get a few pairs of the Gap skinny cropped jeans with the 30% off coupon last weekend

  2. Looks great! I like the sweater you're wearing too!

  3. I have these Gap jeans and I LOVE them too! In fact, I am wearing them right now :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos! You always look just fabulous!!!

  4. Congratulations! They look great on you. Your excitedly trying them on picture is very cute:-)

  5. I think you look so cute and happy taking that picture--your excitement about those jeans is pretty OBVIOUS! smile

  6. You look fantastic in these jeans!! I may have to check them out. So many of the distressed styles just feel way to distressed for me.

    Did you see the other comment I left you re: W&M? I think you were on a bit of a blogging break when I commented. :)

  7. Could you post the item number for the boyfriend jeans? Thank you!


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