Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The "Big News" !

This picture is a hint...can anyone guess?

That picture is the lovely skyline in Boston, granted in the rainy yucky weather of last week. Our big news is that we are moving back to the Boston area this fall! Now, many people will wonder why we are leaving California for Boston. We have lived out west now for seven years, away from family, friends, and our roots. We have always known we wanted to head back east eventually, and Hubs got a new job that starts this fall, so we are finally make the move.

We are so so excited about this change, even though we know its a big change and there are lots of challenges ahead. But we are hoping this is a start of the next phase of life for us--buying a house, settling down, having a family, and being in a place to call home. The east coast is just our home, always has been and now we are finally heading back! We have had a great adventure together in California for the last 7 years but it feels great to be heading to Life 2.0!

We spent part of our trip last week scoping out areas and neighborhoods in the area and we are really looking forward to going back this summer again to look for places to live. If anyone has any suggestions or experiences with the area, I would love to hear it.

In the coming months I'll be back and forth to Boston and finishing work here, looking forward to the move, packing up our place here, and making some changes. I am really excited and happy to share the news here!

More posts to come!

Some of the many things I am looking forward to--Red Sox and Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee!

PS--YES I know it gets cold there :)


  1. congrats liz! I love the dunkin donuts pic - that is true new england for sure! I also love the outfit!

    I lived in Boston for 4 years and always always always wanted to somehow some way live in Beacon Hill. There is just something about it - and now with that new whole foods they just built by mgh??? holy cow! I didn't think it could get more perfect but it did! So if you guys can swing that financially and want a really urban lifestyle that would be my first choice!

    I would stay away from anything on the green line past kenmore. It's just way too slow above ground, making the commute awful.

    As for burbs - I heart the north shore up around manchester-by-the-sea and, really far out, newburyport.

    I am going on and on, but I'm just so excited for you! I want to make a similar move with the hubs back to my roots, but so far, we haven't had any luck on the job front. You will be my inspiration to keep trying!

  2. Congrats - we are displaced east coast people as well, so i know how you feel about going back "home". I hope we can get a bay area JCA get together so i can meet you before you leave! xo, Helen

  3. Love your blog! My husband and I are native New Englanders who lived in war, sunny AZ for 6 years then moved back east to Cape Cod. Love,Love,Love it!! Congrats on the exciting news!


  4. I live on the Cape and will say welcome back! There is no other place that feels like New England, good and bad! God luck with all your plans!

  5. congrats! i agree the becaon hill/ back bay area is soooo pretty. outskirts wise i'm a fan of lexington.

    i don't miss the humidity but I do miss walking across the charles river and the FANTASTIC 4th of july they must be gearing up for right now!!!

    p.s. i tagged you on my blog!

  6. "I love that dirty water....oh, Boston, you're my home!!" Love, love, love the Hub and all things Red Sox, Pats, Celtics and Bruins!! My dh is from Lynnfield so I am very partial to the North Shore. Great news and I am jealous.

  7. Congratulations! Now you can run the Boston marathon!

  8. Congrats on the moving plans!! You all must be so excited!

  9. Congrats!!! I am so happy for you. I used to live in Boston and now live in CA, but I always want to go back to Boston - I miss fenway park, newberry street, view from the Boston harbor, change of seasons, and the 4th of July fireworks over the Charles river… I do wish I could back to Boston! Good luck with your new life version 2.0!

  10. We are considering jumping to the west coast for awhile but also would like to move back to the east (where we are right now and where we both grew up). Would you do it again? I'd be interested to hear your take on your CA experience.

  11. Congrats on the big news, Liz! I heart Boston so much. My sister actually lives there, so it's fun to go visit her when I get the chance! It's a fantastic city and I would move there in a minute if the opportunity arose. Good luck with your move!

  12. Did you get your hair cut again? It looks cute.

    Congrats on your move! You're excited about it so you will have a wonderful time. Y'know, it's not like you've never lived back east and have fear about the unknown in that way. I am a native Californian and cannot imagine living anywhere else permanently so I can imagine how it feels in your heart that you are going home.


  13. I too am originally from Boston and lived in LA for 5 years in my late 20's after I got married. Moving back is the best. One of my happiest memories is in my temporary apartment in Wellesley making coffee and turning on the radio to Matty in the Morning. I thought I would cry! Congrats. I live in Wellesley, but a few friends haved moved to Scituate. The commuter rail is a big draw their. Good luck.

  14. Oh, congrats! Boston is such a fabulous city--you are so lucky!!!

  15. Congrats on your upcoming move and your Hubby's new job!! I was born and raised in southern Cali but have been living in TX for the last three years. I would looove to live on the east coast, especially near Boston. Someday {soon, hopefully} we'll make the move east.

    And omgosh will you get soooo many people wanting to talk about the weather difference and blah blah blah. Just remember they mean well :)

    Take care,

  16. Congrats on coming to Boston! We're about 50 miles south and love it.

  17. Just discovered your it! Welcome back to Boston. I live in Southie, work in Cambridge...actually work for a personal shopping engine called StyleFeeder. We have a group blog called Tastemaker Diaries ( I think you'd be perfect form, if you're looking to expand your blogging activities!

  18. omg I used to live in NY (and now I'm in CA) and I miss dunkin coffee SOOO much! I;ve been back east once since living there and went to Dunkin everyday I was there!!!


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