Monday, July 13, 2009

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale--PreSale Trip

So I finally had time to visit my local Nordstrom and view the Pre-Sale rooms for the Anniversary Sale this weekend. Ever since I had heard about it last week I had been itching to go check it out. I wasn't able to try everything, but hopefully I can shed light on a few things and also get the excitement going for FALL!

Each floor of my store had a curtained off area with pre-sale merchandise. If you were interested in something, you could request your size and try it on. If you wanted to purchase, you could place your order, and depending on the item, you can pick it up the 14th or it will be shipped to you. In this way you avoid some of the sale craziness when the sale actually begins on Thursday (although it was pretty crazy in there Sunday too!)

First thing is the Suzi Chin.Maggy Boutique Ruffle Front Dress. $78.90 during sale, after will be $118. I thought this looked like a total copy of the JCrew Michelle dress from last year. This Nordstrom dress is pull on style, and a stretchy poly/wool blend. Wasn't right for me, sort of hung on me. See below...this turned out to be a pass.

Next, they have an all-weather Burberry coat in the sale this year. Its a Swing style//A-Line coat, with a detachable hood and a zip out wool liner for warmth. Really great coat. I tried on the 8 here, but it was a bit wide for me, maybe I should have tried the 6? Not sure. This is on sale for $459.90 down from normal price of $695. Not in my budget right now, but a great investment piece.

Wool lining over Novacheck.

And now...the LizPoms leather jacket roundup. I have never had a leather jacket, but I am interested in one for fall this year, I can picture wearing it almost like a blazer with a pencil skirt or with jeans and a scarf. I tried a few one for comparison purposes....

First, Halogen merlot leather jacket. This has a cropped fit and a ribbed hem to be sort of a shrunken motorcycle fit. This one is $149.90 on the sale. The merlot color is pretty, but a little red for me. Really think this will be a great seller. The leather for me was not my favorite, but great little jacket. Pics below are size Medium.

Next, the Bernardo leather jacket. This one was more cognac, so of course my favorite color. But it was a bit more boxy in the shape, wider in the body and shorter length. Great detailing. This one was $179.90 during the sale. Pics below are a Medium.

You can see the color and details--a bit lighter in color.

Little fit issue with the shoulders/waist/bust fitting differently.

Lastly, the Caslong Distressed Brown Leather Jacket. This one is a bit longer and leaner, but a distressed darker leather. Nice seaming to it. This one is $149.90. First pic is the Medium, other pics are when I tried a small.

With scarf pretending its fall.

Scarf, open with bag.

I picked this Caslon jacket! I think it is nice enough to have a polished look, but the leather is really nice and love the distressed look. I am picturing wearing with my Ochre pencil skirt from last year and an ivory sweater. yay!

Other snaps from the accessories area. There were 100% Cashmere scarves in solids and stripes for $49.90. These were side and long, almost wraps, in a sweatery knit.

Cognac bag alert!

Miles of watches...

Pretty display of pashmina-y scarves.

I also placed a preorder for some Spanx and Hanky panky thongs (4 for $45). Very exciting, I know. Overall I liked browsing the sale early and I am excited to find both basics and a fun addition to my wardrobe in the leather jacket. Woo! Oh, the shoes and boots are nice but I steered clear for budget and craziness reasons. Some GORGEOUS Frye tall cognac boots.

Has anyone else been to the sale? Any purchases? What are you looking forward to?


  1. Thanks for the preview! Sorry, but a non-Nordies question - what is the necklace you are wearing? I love it! (blue beads)

  2. Hi Kristin! That necklace is from BR, I found it just walking through one day. It was $34 I think, and also came with tan-colored stones. It was probably in May.

    Ooh! I just found it online!

    Called "Glass Bead Necklace" and has purple now too. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for posting all the stuff from Nordie's!! I have been eyeing my catalog since it came in the mail :) Did you go to the one in the SF Westfield Center? I'm considering trying to charm my way in too. TIA!

  4. I love the leather jacket you picked. I'm going to need to check out their selection. I'm no longer a card member so I guess I will have to wait until Thursday with everyone else!

  5. I was at nordies today and asked an SA about "going behind the curtain" He claimed that it was a special privilege for level 2 card holders only. Luck for him I really didn't care because I'm sure I could have taken his scrawny hipster @ss down :P
    Are you a level 2 card holder?

  6. thanks for sharing all the goodies! Love the leather jacket you got!! And I am very curious about the ruffle front dress since I totally missed out on getting the Madeleine dress last fall - it even came back on pop-up and I still waffled until it was gone.

    That cognac bag is gorgeous - do you have any info on it?

  7. Thank you so much! I will check out that necklace the next time I'm at BR.

    Thanks again for sharing the Nordstrom preview with everyone!

  8. Hi all, let me answer a few questions...

    I went to the Walnut Creek store--not sure if this is going on at the Westfield store as well.

    Shannon--I am not a cardmember at all. At the WC store, there was a sign next to the curtained off area that said "welcome" and everyone was just going in and out freely, lots of people in there.

    Heidi, so sorry I don't have more info on the bag! I went through the catalog again and didn't see it. When I go back to pick up my purchases, I will let you know more!

    Thanks all for commenting!!

  9. Shannon - *lol* that was funny. I am not a cardholder, but maybe I had the right attitude. I dunno. They were all so happy to help. My store is Walnut Creek also.

    Because of LizPoms I went there and had some fun. I posted on it here, if you haven't seen:

    I tried on those leathers, too, but couldn't remember specifics so I didn't post. There are some nice fitted leather options.

  10. No Nordys around here :( I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nordys...the piano music and all !!
    lOVE THE CAsLON jacket.
    I love Caslon...great quality !
    I miss the Nordy CaFe too !

  11. Great review, now I am thinking I need a leather jacket! Non-related question - where did you get the flats you are wearing in the pictures? They are soo cute!

  12. Anon, These flats were from BR, they are gray and have a lighter gray patent "stripe" at the front.

    I walked by them 100 times, then I saw another girl with them on and I wanted them. Haha. Not sure if they are sold out, I believe they were called the "Selma", I don't see them on the website anymore. They also came in a tan color, I got them for about $40 on sale.

    Hope this helps!

  13. Liz and Gigi - thanks to both of you for the heads up on visiting the pre sale!!! I was able to try on a bunch of things today at the SF store, but they had all the clothes in dressing rooms. I also asked the SA about being a non-cardholder and was told this year it was opened up to anyone who asked. Most likely due to the economy!

  14. I love your new leather jacket, you are going to get so much use out of that this fall...just think of all the amazing scarves you can buy to give it different looks!

  15. Liz-love all your looks, and are you carrying a Rebecca minkoff bag??? So cute! When is our sf jca meeting, btw?:-)

  16. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.!! I just love your style and looks. You are looking gorgeous in that black Nordstrom dress.

  17. I appreciate your choice!! You're looking fabulous in all dresses... Nordstrom is best source!!


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