Friday, July 10, 2009

Found Boutique: Stripe in Santa Cruz, CA

Lately I have had some good luck finding amazing shops and boutiques to while away an hour in!

Today Hubs and I decided to take a road trip to Santa Cruz. We had never been and it has been on Hubs' California "bucket list" to see before we move. Wellll, Santa Cruz and its infamous boardwalk wasn't really our scene...a little too high on the hippie/crunchy/pot/grunge scene for us downtown and TOO many people jostling at the boardwalk, but maybe we didn't come on the right day or something.

However, in our strolling around the downtown area, we happened upon this very cool shop called Stripe on Walnut Avenue just off of Pacific. The store is a blend of new and vintage items, once again curated in such a neat and purposeful way. It took more than 45 minutes just to see everything in the shop. There were clothes by Sunhee Moon, vintage shoes (Ferragamo flats!), vintage suitcases, keys, jewelry, kids things, housewares (60s pitchers, thermos', syrup pourers, teacups, etc etc).

Soaps, toiletry cases, belts, pillows, plastic dinnerware...

Midcentury furnishings, handmade stuffed fish, vintage cowboy boots, serving trays....

Old keys, rings, buttons, all displayed in pretty bowls...

Bright and airy space with everything in its place...see the luggage stacked on a surfboard in the window (!)

This is for Ms. Mer... a MINI Bucky the cardboard moose! They had them in all sizes, and even a full hippo that sat on your floor...

Jwelry of old keys, antique filem cufflinks, etc etc....

This was all I could snap. Turns out the company does Residential, Retail, and Showroom design. You can see their website and online store here at

I loved this little shop! I have such an interest in seeing different retail stores and experiences, and this one was so great...even Hubs loved it. I left with a great toiletry case ( a new item) and a very Betty Draper vintage ivory silk slip, that was only $16! Tons of fun.

If you are ever in Santa Cruz, make sure to visit this store! Have a great weekend, all!


  1. This store is so cute!

    The link you gave doesn't work, but I was able to remove some letters in the url and get to the store. Of course one can just copy/paste the .com you provided.

  2. Love the pics of the store! What a fun place to shop. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. My happy thoughts! Don't you just love boutiques. I am been shopping many clothes ones now instead of JCrew. Their overpriced tees are just crazy! I won't spend $50+shipping for a tee no matter how many beads it has on it:) Ha ha.

    So I am all for finding new and cute little shops and supporting local business. You go girl!

  4. Looks adorable! I don't know if I'll ever be in Santa Cruz, but I almost want to come just to check out this shop!

  5. Wow, haven't been to Santa Cruz in ages (sigh, college years), but this store looks super cute. Thanks for the rec'. Glad you had fun sans Boardwalk.

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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