Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stalking Pays Off! Chain Ribbon Silk Ribbon Necklace.

Oh yeah. One of the successes from my trip? I found this necklace I have been wanting for like AGES for $39.99. YES! Its $39.99 in stores! Go out and look for one if you have been waiting for a good price!

Anyone have this necklace? Whats your favorite way to wear it? Any other recent scores for any of you?


  1. I'm glad Jcrew is finally having some good jewelry sales again; I got a simple, long gold chain for a mere 10 bucks in-store today.

  2. GAHHHHHHH!!!! I wish the second one didn't have pen on it! ;) What a score for you! I am almost positive these will be sold out in SF...

    I really liked how it was styled with dark jeans and a simple white tee in one of the catalogues, but I think there are lots of other possibilities. Looking forward to seeing how you style it!

  3. Ooooh, I have been loving that necklace, too!! I will have to try my JC at home...when we are back from vaca. This or the confetti necklace.

  4. Great score! I have it too but paid a bit more for mine. I haven't worn it yet but think it looks great with almost any cardi/tee combination or a v-neck sweater. :) Looking forward to how you style it.

  5. I don't wear JCrew jewelry or costume jewelry much. Hubby keeps me in the real thing:) His mother taught him well!

  6. Just began reading your blog today after stumbling upon the sporty/preppy girl dilemma.

    Great blog! Love all the pictures and styling examples, and the fact that we seem to have a similar aesthetic.

    Will definitely be coming back to your page!

    Keep it up,


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