Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saved by the... Drive

Hello all!

Well this morning I got up early for my last drive to my company headquarters in Santa Barbara. Besides being sad to make this last trip, I was also miss some shopping opportunities this morning.

This turned out to be lucky, since I need to COOL IT with the shopping lately, but there was a Rebecca Minkoff sale on and a Final Sale for many brands on Rue La La, both starting this morning as I was in the midst my 5 hours of personal singalong on the road.

For example, if I had been near a computer, this might have been mine:

Tory Burch Edyn Dress, on Rue La La today.

This was on sale again today, I first tried to get it during the first sale, it sold out. Then I thought I glimpsed one on sale on, order got cancelled. Now its OFFICIALLY not meant to be.

Or perhaps I would have ordered this...

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in tan, from

Rebecca Minkoff was a funny brand for me. I had never heard of it, then one day I saw a bag in a blog post, went to the Purse Forum site, and instantly I had to have one of her bags. Like, right now. Thats actually the way I work a lot on high ticket items, I become obsessed until I get something. Its, um a little dangerous.

So a few months ago I got my first RM bag, a Morning After Bag in Dark Brown, on half off from Its so pretty, holds so much, and the leather is great. People have been asking about this bag, so I wanted to post a bit about it. I really love it--even though I usually like more light, whisky browns, the dark brown has been a great color, and it has an adorable blue and ivory striped lining. It holds a lot and slouches to fit. Both handles stay on my shoulder comfortably (!!) and I can find things easily in it. The gold harware is not too glitzy.

Here's a pic of it right out of the box:

Ha! Notice the JCrew box under my desk, I'm terrible.

And you all saw the bag in action in my recent post:

Anyway, I am happy I missed these sales, money stayed in my pocket for the day, and I can revel in some things I already have that I love (or ones on their way)....

Did anyone shop these sales today? Any more questions about the RM bag? Does anyone need an invitation to or Rue La La?

have a great evening!


  1. I saw a couple things on Ideeli today. I got out of there quickly before I could get sucked in. I look on gilt, but haven't purchased yet. I don't think I've browsed Rue La La. Which is your favorite of those 2?

  2. Oooh May I please get an invite to both Gilt and Rue La La, pleeease?! :)

    Thanks a bunch!!

    ~ Kimberly

  3. P.S. Email address is

  4. i love that clutch!! I'm so glad i found your blog, it's so fun to read!

  5. I would love an invite to both sites as well ... thank you so much for being kind enough to offer!

    msswiss18 at gmail dot com :)

  6. I am trying so hard to be better about shopping for a little longer - so I have been deleting the RueLaLa and Gilt emails every day...but I can't take myself off the email list.

  7. I'd love an invite to Rue La La... sounds like a great site (...but sort of evil?) :)


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