Thursday, July 9, 2009

JCrew--Couple New Items

While on vacation on the east coast, I visited a few B&M stores and tried to find stuff to review. I am ashamed to say I only came back with two item photos! Oops, sorry all!

First up, the Slub Cotton Shirred Ruffles Tank, item 17329 for $35, shown here. Some people have been excited about this tank, but I wasn't inspired, I think I would rather it with more of a scoopneck, tanks in a sort of muscle-tank style don't really work for me.

I tried this in a Small since the SA described it as "boxy". Its so funny--I am NOT a small, but JCrew has me defaulting to downsizing as I shop in the stores...anyone else?

Here it is. The size fit ok, but style wasn't my fave:

You can see the Small hits at my hip--not skintight, not too baggy.

Next up, the long tipped cardigan. This must be a retail-only item as I can't find it online. They had about 3-4 colors of this. A cream/lavender is the other one I remember--I will take better notes next time! I believe it was $88, long and lean silhouette. Again, I tried on a Small. These sweaters are tough because the small fits me in the shoulders and doesn't get a baggy-grandpa effect, but I can't button all the way down to my hips.

Pretty cute, but I find tipped things like this challenging--what to pair it with? You already have two colors and sort of a "pattern" going on with the tipping, can't add too much else. Weigh in--how would you wear a tipped cardigan?

I left both of these items at the store. I am now EAGERLY waiting the fall rollout. Fall is totally my fashion weakness. Speaking of that, has anyone seen these boots on the site...

SWOON! If this is a shape of things to come, I cannot wait! These are on my wish list for sure, but $325, eep! Here's hoping for a TURKEY-like promo.

What do you think? What things are on your wishists?


  1. Like you, I didn't like the design of the tank. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as even the XXS was too long on me :(

  2. Love the boots. Hoping to find something similar at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale next weekend.

  3. The boots are awesome. The boots I saw in the Anniversary catalog are promising. And many are lower priced than $325.

  4. I *TOTALLY* agree about fall - I LOVE fall, almost entirely because of the CLOTHES. Oh, the boots, the scarfs, the wool, the colors, the cardigans, I love it all!!

    I am DYING to get my hands on those boots! They look absolutely spectacular.

  5. I am loving that color block cardi!!!

  6. I WANT THOSE BOOTS too!!! I have got to stay away from the JCrew site too...Fall is totally my weakness as well, there is just something about leaves changing and fall smells that make me want to SHOP! I love the color block cardi too...I would want to try my regular size and the size smaller to see which fit better..I'm kind of looking for a grandfather cardi with a little baggier fit, this is supposed to be a huge look for fall. I love the look with skinny denim!


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