Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New JCrew Fall Items

Hi everyone!

Well I am back from a great great weekend in Boston. Pretty good weather, great Red Sox time, great family time, and a great feeling as I went around our future home city.

More on that later, but I wanted to compile all the new JCrew items I have spotted in the last week. This is a long post, some blurry pics but wanted to get some brief reviews out there! One overall note is that I think that JCrew's sizing is getting a bit back on track. I found that many of my regular sizes were fitting as opposed to having to size down a lot.

Pointelle Stripe V-Neck Cardigan, $88.
This cardigan is a blend fabric and the colors appeared in that summer-blah range. I thought the crystal buttons were pretty, but this cardigan didn't do anything for me. A couple of pics to get a look at the Dusty Blossom color.

French Terry Tie-Neck Pullover, $55.
The latest in French Terry is here. I'm Popeye the Sailloooor Man, I think? OK the smile in this pic is cause I know this top is semi-ridiculous, but I think its kind of cute. I can be almost certain it will go on sale, and who knows, I might pick it up. I would describe this like the puff sleeve slub shirt that they had this spring--the puff sleeves were like a silk twill, the tie on this sweatshirt is very similar.

Cashmere VNeck.
I wanted to take some pictures of how this sweater is fitting and hitting this year. The colors are really pretty. Note that the VNeck is a bit higher and has a thinner trimming than last year. This is a size Medium.

Note the length is about hip, not too long or short.

Here's the neckline detail.

Silk Frances Cami, $88.
I tried this in a retail-only gray and white print. Tried on my size, 8 on top. The neck trim is more standup and structured than the Victoria, but the ruffles down the front are more flat. I liked the print a lot.

Closeup of the ruffles and neckline.

Super close up! Woo!

Perfect Fit Striped Tee, $34.
Cute stripey tee with little ribbon epaulets on the shoulder. This is the classic perfect fit long sleeve tee styling, but with a nice stripe. Also came in Navy and a Dusty Rose color, this is the Gray in a Large. (I feel like I need a Large in Perfect Fit each time)

Detail Shot.

Stretch Wool Schoolboy Blazer, $188.
Tried this in an 8, maybe might have liked to try a 6 tall for a more fitted look, but this one was nice. The dark color looks a bit like a suit jacket, I think this blazer would look better in light gray or a butterscotch.

Detail of the colors and gold buttons.

Downtown Field Jacket in Mossy Brown. $148.
OK, I must be a sucker for masculine jackets cause I like this one too! Love the feel of the surdy canvas, and also that the size on this one was not crazy. This is a Medium, and you can use the snaps to make the waist more fitted.


Side views of waist tabs.

Endless summer Cardigan, $89.50.
Love the length of this cardigan, but not sure about the fit, I think you want it to fit real close, but this medium might be a bit snug.

Thick trim on the hem.

Velvet Eden Blazer, $148.
I tried both the 8 and the 6 in this, They are just different options--the 8 was more roomy, the 6 was almost a shrunken fit. This is the Dusty Blossom, I actually thought this was copper cause it is darker than what I thought the blossom would be. Overall the fit is much better on me than the Ecole, I love the buttons and the peplum is nice. Took a lot of pics cause I know people are interested.

Ribbon-front Top, $88.
Tried on in a 6 since there was no 8 in the store. A bit small at that size, no zipper. Felt Charlotte Yorky but in a good way. The ribbon is stitched on and a bit sheer.

Closeup of applique...

Thats my first rundown! Have you seen any of these items? What do you think? I used my Rewards card for the patterned Frances cami, I have loved the Victoria blouses and the patterned one is distinctive. They were still unpacking the new arrivals at my store, so I will keep you posted as more come out.

Any questions, thoughts?


  1. I haven't seen any of these items, my Jcrew must just be slow! I love the bow blouse and the tie neck pull over!

  2. thank you for the pics!! everything looks really cute on you : ). i can't wait to try on the dotted frances now!

  3. Thanks for all the fantastic pics! Lots of info for me to consider. Love the printed Frances blouse on you!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! You look great in all of the items! I am lovin' the printed Frances as well! Good choice! :)

  5. Thanks for these pics Liz - I adore the tie neck and actually ordered it! ha ha ha ha! what size are you trying on here? TIA!

  6. LOVE the Frances. must buy asap.

  7. I love the eden jacket. Bought it. i did not like the frances or the bow top.

  8. Nice job with the report! I really liked the Eden jacket on you. The striped tee looked great and the grey blazer. All would be perfect for your new location!

  9. Love the choice of the Frances cami, very nice on you. Thanks for all the IRL photos. I have bought a couple new Fall things but I am debating a lot. I think I might keep waiting for something better.

  10. I bought the same Frances top at the Burlingame store yesterday! I also got two corsage cardis and a ruffle tank top....

  11. Ooh, thanks for the pictures! I was so curious to see how the V neck cashmere fit and I like the way it looks on you. The past ones were just too low on me. I will have to try it on myself soon. I will be going to J Crew tomorrow after work...can't wait!

  12. I really like the tie-neck top and the bow top, although seriously, you look good in all you tried on. Thanks for the IRL pics!

  13. Great IRL pics! Thanks for posting the pic of the Eden IRL. I am in love with that color online but it seems to look so different in person...not sure I love it as much as I thought I did.

  14. the frances blouse looks cute on you! great purchase!

    as for the eden jacket, I liked all the details of it, but i felt it made me look wide. don't know why. will wait for it to go on sale, and maybe buy one if available.

  15. I bought the Frances in Ivory and the Minnie pants. I also ended up with the sweatshirt with the tie-neck...I have no idea why, I just loved it...super comfy.

  16. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  17. Thank you so much! I've been looking at this online for weeks and can't decide whether or not to get it since the Ecole fit me SO weirdly. What a great "service"you provide!!


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