Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Place

This has been a crazy few days--a sad goodbye to my coworkers in Santa Barbara, a late night drive back Friday, a busy weekend with girlfriends which was great, and now finishing work in the next 48 hours. This weekend I am off to Boston for a quick trip to look at homes but more importantly to sit right over there on that wall in the picture for Green Monster Seats this Saturday! My dad won the tickets and so my fam will be taking in the game from way up high and I can't week. Next weekend we will be off to Vegas (more on that later) and then only a short while before I head to the east coast for good. Things will be hectic in the next days but I will try to keep you all posted.

Everyone have a good weekend? Where's your happy place this summer?


  1. fenway is definitely one of my happy places! :)

  2. My happy place this summer is the same as always...home on Cape Cod! It feels like I am on vacation every day!


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