Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tastes of Summer

I LOVE to eat. It's true, no matter that overall I have been trying to eat better, I have to admit that I am the kind of girl who is always thinking of her next meal. For example, tonight my dad is in town and we are meeting him for dinner, so I was just about to look up the restaurant menu to see what might be deeelicious. Come on, you can't tell me you haven't done that!

Around this time of year, the tasty treats start ramping up for the summer season. In the last week, I have gotten to have two of my all time favorite summer foods...peaches and grilled corn on the cob.

When I went into the Safeway on Monday, I could smell the peaches right away. And as soon as I got close enough to touch them, I knew it wasn't a fakeout--the peaches were ripe and fragrant. I used restraint and bought 5, which I have already finished--I've got to go back! My favorite way to eat peaches is dripping over the sink or sliced with Cheerios and cold milk. And no, Hubs didn't get any--he's not as much of a fan of the "pitted fruits". hehe.

Similar experience with the corn--saw it, had to have it that day, no matter that it was a weekday and grilling corn is a bit of a project. But SO worth it! You peel back the husks, leaving them intact, take off the silks, rewrap the corn in its husk, then soak all ears for 30 minutes in cold water. I usually put them in a big pan with a plate to weigh them down in the water. Once they have soaked, they will be more moist and not completely char. We grill them for 25-30 minutes, turning them occaisionally. Scrumptious! The carmelization on the corn makes the flavor really stand out. I can't wait for our next batch!

What are your favorite summer foods? Have you been able to treat yourself yet?



    We love stopping at a roadside stand in Santa Maria (exit Stowell for the good stuff), and will stop on the way back up to SF this weekend. They are always still warm from being in the sun, what joy!

    Also might try a roadside stand for cherries in Gilroy too. They sure looked good driving down!


  2. even though my husband makes fun of me for it I must partake in watermelon with salt on it! It always takes me back to the Tennessee summers growing up.t

  3. My favorite summer fruit is whatever is in season. Fresh peaches...yum!

  4. the only thing that would make the corn even better is to soak in delicious Cuban seasoning and mayo ala Cafe Habana...mmmm

  5. I always get excited on the first warm day of spring when I order an iced coffee. Some people drink it year round, but it's a warm weather only beverage for me.

    I also enjoy blueberries, beets, basil, tomatoes, peaches and pretty much anything fresh I can get my hands on! :D

  6. When I grill corn, I just take the husk/silk off, wrap the ear in aluminum foil with a little water inside, and throw it on the grill. Prep takes 5 minutes, and it tastes great. Your way probably tastes better, but just in case you are pressed for time, aluminum foil also works.

  7. I got peaches a couple of weeks ago and they weren't good yet. I have to go back. I had to laugh when you read you eat peaches over the sink. That's exactly how I eat mine. I'll have to try them with cheerios and milk. Sounds delicious. I also really like white nectarines. Can't wait for those to come back!


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