Thursday, May 7, 2009

Banana Republic Dressing my room

A little over a week ago I decided that I wanted to try and find some cute dresses--I would like to have a better dress "collection" to rely on and enhance my wardrobe. I saw that BR had some dresses on sale, so I decided to use a coupon code and order many dresses and sizes and try them on at home. I often try the Tall sizes as they add some length and fit my long torso a bit better. I thought I would pass along some pics and reviews in case any of you are interested in using the current "BRSAVE" code (view website for details).

First up, the Abstract Print Dress in a 10Tall.
Online and in pictures, this looks like a bright deep orange, though the color is "Sarong Red" and let me tell you its red. Like, Coca Cola red. Red like lipstick. I hardly ever wear red and so it seems a little bold on me. I like the fit of the dress, but the color scares me a bit.

This dress is $79.99 now and worth a look. I think it could look pretty with a brown belt or turquoise jewelry. I kept this one to think about, but I am not sure....

Next, the Tall Ruched Georgette Dress. Size 10Tall.

This was a little big in the bodice, though I liked the twisted straps. However, I got a little ice-skater-costume feeling from this one, or it felt a little young and floaty for me. I love the color, but the style wasn't structured enough for me. Fun dress though! A few left at 89.99 I think. Close up of top:

Next, the silk v-neck pleated dress, shown here in a size 10. I knew when I saw this dress online I would like it--A-line skirt but a fitted bodice with details. This one is still 129.99 online, but i think could be great for a wedding. You'll see I added a pink patent belt to it, I like the idea, have to play with it. Top pleating detail:

Weird full length pic, but it falls to the knee even not in the Tall size. This one is a keeper!

Are you bored yet? Next is the Cotton Sheath Dress in gray, size 10. This is a work dress, its actually more of a black/white weave to achieve gray. I thought this dress was very Mad Men and had a good fit...

I wish it were like an inch and a half longer, but I really like this and think it would be great for work or a weekday evening event. Just have to accessorize! Kept this one too.

Last, the Sleeveless pleated dress. This was a Tall Medium.

Made me feel a bit too hippy and wide. Also had a Ginger Rogers feel that I wasn't ready for. The pleating details were nice and it was a nice comfortable stretchy fabric.

So of course, I go in search of fun dresses, and I settle on two gray ones--ha. Not a lot of color. But I like those two and I am going to think about the red/white one.

What do you think of these dresses and BR lately? Have you tried any of these? What dresses do you love having in your wardrobe?


  1. Oh wow, I did not know banana had tall dresses. we have a banana here and a lot of their dresses are too short on me (I am 5'9"). Nice finds!

  2. I like the shapes of the 'keepers' but also like that last one you said was a little too Ginger Rogers. The photo doesn't seem too extreme or anything, but maybe IRL it's different.

    It's hard to find perfectly fit yet fun dresses!

  3. Oh my the style and color of the Coca Cola red and white dress looks fab on you! I like the yellow one too. I have always wanted to try a tall in dresses but I have a high waist with long legs. Petite dresses and skirts usually work better for me. How tall are you? Do you have a long torso?

  4. I like the red dress on you - go for it! A little color might be good for you. :D

  5. You look super hot in the v-neck pleated one. I love that one the best. I also think the Ginger Rogers looks good. The pleats are scaring you. They don't add weight in my eyes. It's sassy. I suppose you were just trying on for your blog, but you have to consider that how you wear your hair will make a difference w/each dress. I LOVE your shoes w/the cotton sheath dress.

  6. I loved all the dresses, except the yellow. the yellow was ok, the others were just fabulous on you - even the Ginger Rogers dress. to me that one looked like a fun, comfy, chic summer dress. But like Gigi, loved the vneck pleated one best - that was just amazing on you!

  7. The red one looks absolutely fabulous on you. Please keep it.

    I really loved the grey pleated one and the last orange one too. Both very flattering!

  8. I totally LOVE the red one on you! I think it's a keeper! :)

  9. Nice selection of dresses! I think the Cotton Sheath Dress looks great on you. The Sleeveless pleated dress looks nice too but when I have the pic of you in the sheath dress and the sleeveless pleated dress up at the same time, I can see how the Sleeveless pleated dress isn't as flattering to your waist - it adds weight.

    I also like the coca-cola dress on you but if you have any reservations...take it back. Those items we don't feel totally secure wearing, even if everyone says we look great, end up living in the closet. Thanks for all the pic's!

  10. Hi, I love the first one the best! It really looks great on you so you should def keep that one. BTW - i didn't realize you lived in the bay area, too? We should def plan another JCA outing for all the SF ladies soon. I live in the peninsula but i'd love to meet you guys in person.


  11. It's fantastic... All the dresses are looking great on you!! I got this red versatile dress from Banana Republic...

  12. You have a big selection of beautiful dresses.!! That The yellow dress looks absolutely beautiful on you.


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