Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can Anyone Confirm...?

I was doing some research for work and I saw on a website that the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is this week, starting tomorrow? But I can't find anything on the nordstrom.com site.

Does anyone know? This definitely needs to be factored into the weeks' plans!

Thanks in advance for info!

PS. Last year Ms Mer and I attempted to walk to the sale at lunchtime for a shopping lunch break. Turns out the 10 minute walk was actually like a 23 minute walk. We will not attempt that for lunch again!


  1. Yes, the Nordstrom half-yearly sale begins May 20. Info is on nordstrom.com. Scroll down on the front page and click on "store locations and events."

  2. Booya! But you know we have to hit up the 6am opening at the Anniversary Sale in August, right? Hee hee! ;)

  3. It starts here (MD) at 8 am. But shoot, can't be there now because I have to get the kids on the bus. Motherhood...whatever. :)

  4. I received an e this morning that it began today. when I worked at Nordstrom it used to begin on the first Wednesday in the month of June.


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