Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deal of the Week...

Ok, so did I mention I am on a dress kick? After today I am doing a full review and keeping just the favorites. But I think I have a new favorite!

Last night I received this Lilly Pulitzer Sienna Medallion dress from Rue La La last night. Rue La La is an invitation shopping site, and though they have "boutiques" every day, this is the first time I have ordered from them. I had actually seen this dress last summer at a Lilly boutique, In the Pink, on the east coast. I couldn't handle the $328 price tag (cough!) but I loved the colors and feel of the dress. When it showed up on the Lilly Rue La La boutique for $70 I was pumped and made my first order. If anyone wants an invitation to Rue La La, let me know and I can try and send you one--there are many boutiques, for example today was Cole Haan.

This dress is more of an a-line shape than the JCrew ones, which I feel more comfortable in. Its also a bit longer which I like as well. The dress is an ivory cotton with bright blue embroidery.

Here's a closeup of the pattern. You can't tell from far away, but its little fish and shells. Its subtle beachiness.

I really like this dress and I recommend looking for deals on Lilly dresses. Her looks are really preppy, but they have great color and a bright summery feeling.

I'm excited about this deal! Do you belong to any invitation-only shopping sites? Do you like them? What kinds of scores have you had from there?


  1. This is so pretty, and what a deal! Definitely agree with you; it's my favorite so far of all the summer dresses you've shared with us.

    Really love the colors and subtle beachy details, and the white trim on top and bottom. Two thumbs up!

    Re. invitation only sites, I've checked a few out but am always too intimidated to purchase. Plus with some of the brands I am just not sure what size I am, etc. :)

  2. ADORABLE! And for $70?! What a steal!

    I belong to One King's Lane (which is homewares) and the beloved Gilt Groupe.

  3. I prefer the JCrew dresses on you esp. the red one. The length seems to be the same on this one.

    The top band on this one seems to bunch a little too where the JCrew ones were more streamlined.

    This is definitely a summer dress where you could wear the JCrew ones with cardigans for a bit longer...weather wise...

  4. Could you send me an invitation to this? I belong to the Gilt Group, but have yet to see anything for me. I was just looking online (including ebay) for Lilly dresses. They remind me of the beach!!

    kleader at knology dot net

  5. Love the blue & white Lily on you - so cute!! Enjoy.

  6. Like this one and the red J Crew one the same, they are both gorgeous on you!

  7. That is a GREAT dress! You were lucky to get it at that price. It looks so pretty on you!!

  8. Super cute on you! Nice grab. I am a serial lurker at Soiffer Haskin, Gilt and Rue La La. No buys yet.

  9. Two thumbs up!! Fit and colors are gorgeous!

  10. The dress looks really nice on you! Can you please send me an invitation to Rue La La?

    -ju044 at hotmail dot com

  11. I just got in to Rue La La. So excited!

  12. Adorable!! I peruse Gilt every once in a while, but I'm like Ms. Mer - too scared to order because I'm afraid of getting the wrong size. *sigh* internet shopping is like a box of chocolates...

  13. Update--I sent out the couple of invitations requested, let me know if you don't get an email!

  14. AH! I love that dress, I would love an invite to rue la la trying to help my bridesmaids find cute yet affordable dress.... very hard to mesh all the tastes.

    my email is aokeefe at westmont.edu

  15. Hi - could I please have an invitation?

    emc4680 [at] yahoo [dot] com



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