Thursday, May 7, 2009


Dear America,



Allison was way better. I would say her goodbye performance was better than ANY of Danny's performances. I am so sad. This is a travesty.

I hope you understand then, America, if we don't speak for awhile. I need some time to get over this heartache. Probably just the amount of time until Allison's record comes out and takes Danny Gokey's record sales out to a back alley and mops the floor with them.

I just need some space right now, America. I don't want to say or do anything I'll regret.

XOXO, LizPoms

PS. GO Kris


  1. Sorry but I totally disagree. My hubby and I cannot stand Allison. We have to fast forward through most of her songs we think her voice is so hubby was a music major in college and I have a minor in music and we cannot figure what people even remotely see in her. Go Danny all the way!

  2. This is how I felt when Anoop was voted off. I tend to favor beautiful voices like his and Adams, rather than husky, raspy voices like Allison's. I do think she is talented and a sweety. She'll do fine. 4th place is nothing to sneeze at. Danny will do very well with the Christian music scene. Not my thing, but there's a huge market for it, and Simon knows it.

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  4. Yes, it would be great if Danny won. I am very into Christian music and I think it would be great for American Idol to have a Christain singer win! That would make my year!

  5. I think Allison was just too much like Kelly Clarkson--but not quite as good!
    Danny Gokey, IMO is great! He's a white boy with soul!
    I do think Chris should have been booted off though this past week...yep time for him to go!
    Adam will definately win this year anyhow!
    I do understand how upset you are about your favorite contestant...I felt the same as you last year with Syesha Mercado--I absolutely LOVED her--and still do...and she always got neg. feedback from Simon which made NO SENSE...her voice is sweeter and more beautiful than the "acclaimed Fantasia" anyday!"

  6. Hmmm. Comparing Kelly to Allison is like comparing apples to oranges. I really like Kelly but I can barely stand to listen to Allison.

    I wouldn't be so sure that Adam will win. My money is on Danny. He has NEVER been in the bottom two like Adam and Adam may be a little too out there for the majority of the American public when it comes down to the nitty gritty.


  7. I like Danny but Allison was better (and I don't get the whole Adam lovefest thing). At least she left rockin' out the crowd and the judges supporting her. She may not be everyone's taste but she'll do well. Jennifer Hudson certainly did without winning AI.


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