Wednesday, May 6, 2009

LOST Thoughts

Before tonight's penultimate Season 5 episode (sob!), I wanted to post a couple thoughts about LOST that I have been stewing on over the past week.

From Doc Jensen's article....
Lost has also shown us that Charlie, Jack, and Ben can play the piano. Why might this be significant? There's a music-based mystery in the Lost matrix that has never been resolved. Recall, if you will, when Charlie swam down to the Looking Glass at the end of season 3 to turn off the jamming device preventing the castaways from communicating with the outside world. He learned from Bonnie — one of the lovely Other ladies that Ben had stationed down there — that the code to shut off the jamming device was harmonic, set to the tune of the Beach Boys' ''Good Vibrations.'' Right before Bonnie died, she said that the code ''was programmed by a musician.'' At the time, these cryptic words inspired a great deal of wild theorizing. Many of us wondered if it wasn't an accident that the Dharma programmer created a code that rock star Charlie would be uniquely qualified to crack. What if the musician behind the Beach Boys puzzle knew Charlie's destiny? But in light of what season 5 has shown us, should we be wondering if this mystery musician was one of the castaways? It's JOpinionated's theory that Faraday himself created the code, leveraging his knowledge of future events as well as his all-access Dharma pass as a member of the Initiative's Black Swan team. It's a nifty theory — it very much echoes my long-held assertion that much of Dharma was created or at least revised with the castaways in mind.

From my own watching...
Something really bothered me about last week's episode and I know its a silly little thing. But when we see Faraday get out of the sub for his return, he is wearing the sinister black jumpsuit of the Swan-hatch-builders, showing the stark difference between he and the regular Dharma peeps. Then, he asks Miles to drive him to the Orchid and his jumpsuit is suddenly teal. Now, this is the scene that echoes the season premiere when he bumps into Dr. Chang down in the pit of magnetic doom, so maybe they had to match that? But it bothers this like a "two different timelines" situation? That might make my mind melt, so I am not sure....

Finally, another Doc Jensen idea...
As we find ourselves almost at the close of season 5, which mysteries do you feel Lost must absolutely resolve during its sixth and final season?

What are your ''non-negotiables'' — the mysteries that Lost NEEDS to resolve. And to make you think even more carefully about this question, I want you to submit only your top three non-negotiables. Please, I would love your input!

I think mine are:

Who/what is Jacob?
Who painted the hatch murals?
Why is Walt special? Was he born on the island?
What are the numbers?
Who is in the cave?
What is the deal with Christian Shephard?
Where is Claire?
What is the Temple? Where is Cindy the flight attendant?
Why did the pilot get eaten by the monster in the pilot?
Why is that first scene when Jack wakes up in the bamboo so creepy?

Oh wait...did I say only 3...? :) Chime in!

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  1. Here are a couple I have!

    Who built the four toed statue? Why four toes?

    Why does Richard Alpert not age?

    Why is Aaron special and why was Claire told not to raise him?

    What is the smoke monster?


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