Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Get your Remote Controls Ready...

So in an unprecedented evening of couchpotatoing, there is some great great TV ahead for tonight. Lets have a rundown shall we?

7PM: East Coast Feed of Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Part I (DVR)
8PM: American Idol Top 3 Performance
8PM: 2 Hour Biggest Loser Finale
9PM: Fringe Finale on Fox
10PM: Second Hour of RHNYC Reunion (IS this possible?) (DVR)

As I prepared the DVR this morning, I think even it was thinking "are you serious?" which is pretty much what Hubs said to me as he rolled his eyes. I know, I really should get out more. But I love TV like an art form. And then now I just realized the Red Sox are playing the Angels on the west coast so I could be watching them on MLB.TV while I am already juggling all these shows. I'm crazy.

I can't believe so many series are ending this week and next. What are you all watching these days? Favorite shows? What are you planning on watching this summer?


  1. 3 hours! The Biggest Loser finale is 3 hours, which is too many hours, but I'm all set to watch it, and have the DVR set for Fringe and Rescue Me. I'm with you on the TV love. I also watch: Chuck, 30 Rock, The Office, Earl, Dollhouse, Breaking Bad, the list goes on.

  2. And...don't forget Dancing With The Stars! Thank goodness for DVR!!

  3. Cracking up at your list, but looks like a lot of fun!! Enjoy!

  4. 30 Rock and Lost. Two best shows.


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