Monday, March 29, 2010

Catching Up

I have been gone for a long time. The last month or so have been filled with trips and adventures all over the country as well at home.

Skiing weekend in the COLD with the family. Enter Darth Vader.

Seeing sunny warmer days in Boston...

Our trip to Arizona was SO much fun and we spent the last day looking at this view...(more pics in next post!)

Running the O'Hartford 5K with my whole family...great experience!

And a whirlwind trip to Virginia for a conference for Hubs and a visit to our Alma Mater, William & Mary! Here's a pic inside one of our favorites there, Paul's Deli....

Other than that, we have been looking at places to buy for our first home. Overall I am a positive person but I have to say so far this process has been no fun and frustrating. We are looking at many surrounding towns and trying to keep an open mind, but we just haven't seen anything that will work for us yet. We also are struggling with picking the right area to make our next move. I know you all are from all parts of the country and many of you might have tips or stories about buying your first home and I would LOVE to hear them. How did you pick where you would move? How long did you look for a place? Please chime in!

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  1. Hi Liz! Glad you are back! I just wanted to chime in about my experience with house buying - in short, it sounds a lot like yours. My husband and I took about two months to really narrow down an area (thought about commute to his work, walking to stores/restaurants - which was really important to me, parking, price, etc) and then looked for about a year. We weren't gung ho looking (7 places every weekend kind of thing) but were serious about it, and always went on the first or second day something new came up in our target area. In all, there were a ton of tears shed, one place that we will never forget that got away because of multiple offers, and eventually, we just decided it wasn't our time to buy and stopped looking. We're in D.C. which is tough market - $ cost, limited safe neighborhoods without moving way out into the burbs, and limited decent move-in ready inventory (lots of stuff needs work, at least in our price range) - and I'm guessing the Boston-area is similar. In short, I just wanted to share that I know the frustration that you are going through. I think my best advice would be go the speed you're comfortable with, and if you need a break/time to refocus - take it. And try not to let yourself fall in love with anything until you've closed - that was my biggest downfall! It's almost like you have to have a detached attitude about the whole process or you will go crazy, if that makes any sense. I hope that helps somewhat - and good luck!


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