Friday, July 16, 2010

We've Been Busy...

There's no excuse for how long its been since I last posted. But! Excuse! We've been busy.

We bought a house! Well actually, its a condo, the second and third floor of a house. Behold!

Its the top two floors as seen below...

LOOK! We have a fireplace, and a mantel! And trim!

We have spent the past two weeks at the new place each evening...taping, cleaning, scrubbing, painting, imagining. So far the first room that is done is the kitchen. We painted the trim and beadboard Benjamin Moore Simply White and the walls are Bar Harbor Beige. Here you can see a glimpse from the kitchen through the elegantly named "Butler's Pantry", really just a hallway with the fridge, washer and dryer and cabinets containing the fancy stemware we never use. We have ROOMS! and a BUTLERS PANTRY!

The project is all consuming and also so so exciting, to be putting together our first real home where we can paint, and envision staying for years instead of months. After putting my collection of Domino magazines in a box for the count-it-five-yes-fifth time, I swear I will never move again. That thought also crossed my mind as I scrubbed the goo from the drawers in the kitchen and gagged about having stranger-goo to go through. Soon it will be our goo! The JOY!

More later....:)


  1. Congratulations! A new home & the bonus of being close to your family again (I believe). I'm happy for you. Your place looks fantastic. :-)

  2. Congrats! It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see more pics!


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