Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pants Recommendation: GAP Pants

Some other great bloggers have been reviewing pants recently, so I wanted to pass along a couple favorites from the Gap that I have found.

First, the Boyfriend Jeans that I bought about a month ago are now available online! I love these and recommend sizing down as they have a slouchy fit and stretch. They are really comfortable! I purchased a size 8, where I am normally a 10 in pants these days. Only a bit of rippage and whiskering, no huge slashes, wear, or tears.

Vital Stats:
Here is the link to them on the website.
Item #655446

Here is the web image:

And here is my old picture of the jeans in action. I love them rolled or unrolled, and they look great in contrast to a preppy or feminine top.

Next, the Hip Slung Pant fit is really nice, they have many fabrics and colors and they are mostly on sale right now. They have a little stretch and a low rise fit. The "regular" length is doable for wearing flats for me at 5'9". I take a size 10 in these, I recommend ordering true to size.

Vital Stats:
See all Hip-Slung Pants at the top of this page.
Price: Range $39.99 to $54.50 (saw for $30.99 in store)

Here is a pair I like for my next pair, the Pinstripe Slub version:

And here is a dressing room pic of a size 10 Regular in the cotton linen fabric. These do not have as much give to them as there is no spandex, but they have a sleek fit and have relaxed since wearing them.

I like finding pants for less than $40 if I can as I find my tastes change on pants and I never know what I "love". Have any of you tried the Hip Slung pants? What do you think? Any other recent Gap finds?

Have a great day!


  1. I have the hip slung pants in khaki and grey ... I also purchased the hip slung shorts in royal blue and hot pink ... I love the fit ... I wish I would've purchased the pants on sale, but they fit great so I can't complain.

  2. I actually was just trying these on last night in the store. I liked the white ones a lot and will probably get them, especially for only $32.99! I have to compare to some others at old navy first to see which one will be my 'casual white summer pant' for this year. I love the fabric on the hip slung though. Would you say the ones with spandex stretch out a bunch? I'm right in between sizes and may get the smaller size if they do stretch. thanks!!

  3. Thanks for the post about the boy friend jeans, I just placed my order!

  4. Thanks for the info - I will have to check those out - I am particularly intrigued by the jeans.


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