Monday, June 8, 2009

A few new JCrew Items...

Some disclaimers...

...This was late last week and I only saw these couple of items on the floor, there are sure to be more new items and posts to come!

...I didn't love these items. I just saw them as new and wanted to pass them along for the blog.

...I don't like the way these look on me, eek. Just passing along for sizing and blog IRL purposes only.

...I hope there are more new things and I can find them soon. More to come!

First, the Burnished Linen Cropped Trouser, shown here.
Tried on in size 10. On the hanger--you can see the sheen but also some wrinkle effect.

Bad photo of the tag, with special tag for the Crespi mill.

These fit a bit higher on the waist and tighter than the Cafe Capri...not much give to the fabric. Cringe, these look too tight. Not for me. Cropped and Cuffed.

Next up, a short I haven't seen online. Didn't try on as they didn't have my size. Its a textured chocolate/ivory linen in a Bermuda Short style. $68.

Full view.

Last, the Cotton Eliza Skirt, shown here online for $88.
Tried on in size 10. Too full for me. I can't have a fully pleated skirt like this hehe...scary!

View on hanger of the fabric and the color.

Tag closeup...

None of these items even crossed over to "consideration" level for me. But this was my first snapshot of the coming new arrivals...and I wasn't excited, very hopeful for more. Also, I was really amazed that the three newest items heading into the peak of summer were all dull brown neural colors. I don't mind this color, but I couldn't believe this skirt wasn't in a bright color.

Have you seen any new arrivals? What do you think?


  1. Sorry they didn't work out for you! I am so tired of the blah color palette also!!

  2. Thanks for the pics! JC continues to disappoint :(

  3. Bummer that you didn't really like anything. I have not visited my B&M store yet to see the new arrivals. Hopefully there will be something there worthwhile!

  4. What odd colors. I saw the pants and didn't bother to try them on. They just looked bad. The skirt is not so bad. You look good.

  5. I think the skirt actually looks really cute on you!

  6. Thanks for the post and the IRL pictures. Appreciate it:) Sorry the items did not work for you.

  7. I really like the skirt on you! Thanks for the pics...those shorts and pants are less than thrilling.


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