Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This Friday Hubs and I head off for a 10 day trip to all parts of the East Coast: New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Boston, and Cape Cod. I cannot wait as we will be seeing MANY family and friends and that is such a special treat.

However, when trips approach, I panic for one reason--packing. I am simply horrible at it and just dread the task completely. I start out all right and at the end I am piling anything desirable into the bulging suitcase.

Sorry for the quick post, but...Do any of you have any packing tips? Calling all help here! Please post your methods for great (or even non-horrible) packing in the Comments. Thanks in advance!


  1. hey liz! I am a horrible packer too, but on the advice of other bloggers, started to try to pick a color palette and stick to it, so all the pieces are interchangeable. I did it for a recent trip (concentrated on grays - it was a conference so I needed to be a little dull) and it really helped!

    Gingersnap had a post awhile ago about it:

    hope that helps! and trust me, you are not alone! and my problem isn't just limited to clothes - I always bring a ton of school books and then do NO work!

  2. Ugh, I'm not great! I either overpack or underpack, and I always take like 3x as many pairs of panties as I think I need. I'm a bit paranoid!! However, my one tip is to "roll" your clothes instead of folding. Less wrinkling, and it takes up less room. Also pack things like socks and panties last because you can just shove them anywhere!

  3. Definitely "roll"! You can fit twice as much into your suitcase.
    I am heading to Boston and Cape Cod on Sunday. I have never been to Cape Cod before and am looking forward to it!! Any suggestions?

  4. Love your blog and I visit often, but this is the first time I've commented! My advice is bring lots of layering pieces - tees, tanks, cardis. I like to pack neutral bottoms - like khaki or denim - and then bring a variety of tops/jackets in colors. I always pack at least 4 pairs of shoes- flip flops, sandals, a closed toe and tennis shoes. I pack minimal jewelry and one belt. Don't forget your bathing suit and cover up! HTH! :)

  5. This is one of my hidden talents- I did my 8 day honeymoon in HI with just a carry-on and small backpack.

    I try on everything in outfits as I'm packing. I coordinate the same bottoms with different tops for 2-3 outfits and pack them stacked together. I include a dress or two for outfits, they take up less room. I also have 2-3 sweaters/sweatshirts that go together with all of the outfits, and wear one of them on the plane to save space. I also wear jeans on the way so I don't have to pack any (pick one more pair for the week, maybe). For shoes, have one "go to" pair of sandals that match everything, one pair of heels, and one pair of sneakers. Pack accessories/toiletries in the shoes to save space.

    Have a few less number of outfits for the # of days you will be gone, and just repeat/mix-up when necessary. That way you don't over pack and add things you won't wear. Oh, and bring some febreze! Saves tons of packing space ;)

    Have fun!!!

  6. Fun!! have a great trip. The weather here in Boston has not been that great so pack never know how it will end up!!

  7. I've noticed if I use a small-med sized suitcase and roll, you can never overpack and or get overweight. Also just remember you never end up wearing all the clothes and shoes you bring :) Have a great trip!

  8. I'm of no help either. Packing is my Least Favorite Thing to Do in the Whole World.

  9. I ALWAYS bring a few large zip lock bags - they come in handy somehow or another, from dirty laundry to loose accessories to toiletries! They've helped me out every time :)

  10. I agree w/Kate on zip lock bags. I actually use the one you roll and squeeze the air out of. I put the dirties in that and it frees up more room because inevitably you are coming back with more than you left with.

    Another tip I read is after you pack, go back through and eliminate a few pieces. As someone said you usually don't wear everything.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  11. Like Kate and Gigi, I use zip lock bags. Also I use a few washing nets to organize my underwear. Because they are opaque, I don’t have to feel embarrassed when I have to my open my suitcase for security check at airport. On the way back, I put dirty laundry in them. When I come back home, I just throw them into washing machine. They don’t look fancy but make it very easy to unpack, too! – Have a nice trip!

  12. 2 pairs of shorts
    2 skirts
    2 dresses
    1 pair of pants or jeans
    4 cardigans
    5 tanks
    1 tunic
    small bathing suit
    ballet flats, wear walkable sandals
    running shoes/real hiking shoes

    there. It all fits in a carryon and you can do anything doable in the summer!


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