Friday, June 12, 2009

JCrew New Arrivals June

Good morning all. Much better day today without a deposit from a flying friend. Sorry for that rant yesterday. And it looks like it WAS good luck for my Sox last night! Woot!

Moving on. I went to the B&M last night to do some returns and I wanted to pass along some more looks from the new items. So far I have only seen some navy items and I tried to take pics of stuff I hadn't seen yet. If you have questions, please let me know!

First, the Navy 60s Dress. They only had a size 4 (couldn't fit that around my thigh, ha) so I wanted to take some detail pics so you can see more of the dress.

Pattern closeup, pretty navy dots that are not perfect circles, some have some "watercolor" effect around the edges of the dots. Has a folded bodice with stitching around the natural waist...

The belt is prob about .5 to .75 inches in width in the dress fabric, with the buckle being wrapped in the fabric...

Some pintuck pleats on the sides of the waist. I liked the dress, but would have to see it on. I am not sure if its me, but it is a super cute dress if you can find one!

Next up, new suiting dress with the scallop like was on the Broadcloth Scallop shirt. Named the "Super 120s Papillon dress" for $195 on the website, here. I tried this on in a size 10 for the sheath like fit as I didn't want it to be too tight on the hips. It was slightly roomy, but I think an 8 might be too slim, so not sure. Hits at the knee.

Liked the detail on this, could wear to work or dress it up.

Boatneck tee shirt, really cute. There was a white with gray stripes version and a white with navy version (seen later in post). This is a medium. Boatnecks are not a shape I usually wear, but I liked the long and lean feel of this shirt. It retails for $29.50, 3/4 sleeves.

On the gray.

New beaded tee, creamy color with blue beads. This is a medium. I would say it is a bit longer than some of the crewneck tees they have had recently. I liked this, but the beads were a bit heavy so you would have to treat it with a bit of care.

Pretty beading!

Next item is a cotton linen scoopneck...I have only seen this in stores, not online. I have seen it for a few weeks but hadn't picked it up til now. This is a medium. It has a deep scoopneck, two small pockets at the hip, and a long and lean fit with a bit of slouchyness. You could wear a cami underneath or not.

Neckline twisted detail...

Tag info, retails for $88. This was actually my favorite item of the night, sort of a dark horse option. I believe it also comes in a brown and navy along with natural.

Cotton Silk Strapless Top with Flower
$128, sort of a Carrie Bradshaw thing going on. I tried this mostly for fun but I kinda liked it! The flower is pins that you can move around. I tried on an 8, but it sort of hung away from the body, so I would try a 6 if they had it. It has an inner corset thing like they have had in some dresses. Floaty feeling though, a fun top!

Closer, not too see through.

This is the Next Generation of the Rumpled Terry, I think. A cardigan that is a bit thinner, v-neck (no shawl), comes in a few colors, lighter weight, stripes and solids.

The Coal Miner Shirt (until we have a better name)...I liked this! This is a 6, didn't have an 8. I would probably go up to the 8 as the 6 pulled a bit at the buttons. Really well tailored, at last not a JUMBO man shirt.

I liked the roll up sleeves. I think this could be really fun with a pencil skirt as something unexpected, or with white pants, or even as a modified "cardigan". Really liked this too!

Closeup of the fabric and detail.

There was a swiss dot/tuxedo top. It was a bit boxy and had a lot going on. This is a size 8. I didn't love this one but it could be fun for work.

Tag detail on this one...

Navy version of the boatneck...

PHEW! Ok thats it. Thanks for getting through that with me. Amazingly, I walked out without having bought anything--yay for money back in my wallet! I am going to keep thinking of the Cotton Linen Scoopneck, as well as the Coal Miner's Shirt.

What do you think of the new arrivals? Can I answer any questions for you? Happy Friday, chime in here!


  1. I'm liking the strapless top with the flowers. The website does no do it justice. I also like the linen scoopneck and the coal miner's shirt (lol). I'm going to have to make a stop at my B&M soon!

  2. Loooove that scoopneck on you. I think I saw that in the store I visited, but I didn't pick it up to try it on. I also like the coal miner's shirt (love the name...ha)--it's very flattering on you! With the exception of the boatneck, I tried on completely different new items, so I'm glad you put up IRL pics!

  3. Thanks for the reviews. It's great to see things on someone my size. I'm pretty fond of that boatneck tee. What size did you try on?

  4. Thanks everyone! I really liked the Chambray Shirt and the Linen Scoopneck best, those will be on my mind. Thanks for commenting! The strapless flower top is fun too, but for $128 I feel like I could get a white tube top and a pin and have the same effect for cheaper.

    Melissa, I tried on the Medium of the boatnack, and while it fit, I think I might try a sleek cami underneath to hide my tummy. :)

    Hope this helps!

  5. Hi all, Liz,

    I am a JCrew Anon (yes it's an addiction) in the OC and bought the striped boat neck today. I only saw one in my size, xs on the floor. Its fitted and the lean long length makes it slimming (but will cling to that dreaded back-fat which I can't see but know is back there).

    Saw the scoop necks but they did not call me to try...the colors were not very 'summery'.

    Overall I have to say many of the sale items in the store are flimsy in quality. I almost ordered the silk/linen v-neck tops and Georgia cardigan online, but what I saw in the store made me realize they are just too sheer. A few already had snags in the weave too!

    Just my two çents!
    Happy weekend all......

  6. Greetings from a fellow Bay Area JCA! (I really need to start a blog of my own) I was just at my store in Burlingame and saw the navy striped top. I LOVED the neckline and bought it in Small (they were out in xs) which fit fine. They had it styled with a button down white shirt with the collar up which I thought was super cute! I love the camp shirt and the tube top on you... you should def get those two! I've been on the hunt for that navy dot dress, but alas, they don't have it yet. :( I might try JCrew at Stanford and see if they have it yet..

  7. Love the chambray shirt. Reminds me of Rosie the Riveter in a really good way.

  8. My favorite is the chambray shirt, and you're right that it's cute as a "cardi." The sa wanted me to try it with the pleated strati top and nickel boyfriend chinos and I was surprised at how much I loved the look! So, I say go for the shirt - others say it's selling out at their local stores.

    I also like the scoopneck on you - very flattering.

  9. That beaded tee is SO pretty! It looks a little high maintenance care-wise though :(

  10. LOVE the cotton linen scoopneck! Brilliant! It really looks great on you. Can't wait for it to go on sale though...$88??!

  11. I tried on the navy dress...and it looked horrible on me. The waist fell at a funny point and all the pleating was not flattering on me at all! It was a lot of extra fabric...

  12. Thanks for trying on the scoopneck - I keep seeing it and thinking I'm going to try it on, but never do. It's way cute, I will have to try it! Lots of cute things. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  13. LOVE that black scallop-neck dress. I have a feeling I won't be owning it anytime soon though! My hips are quite um...voluptuous (read: big) and my top is not quite so voluptuous! I'm sure that if I got it to fit my bottom it would need to be tailored on top and there's even more $, ack!


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