Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Inspiration

Hubs and I are dreaming of owning our own home soon, and every once in a while I allow myself to look for home inspiration where there is actual freedom to paint our own walls, and when I do I find myself 15 minutes later with drool on my keyboard and stars in my eyes.

Here are a few recent pics that I love. All are completely from Apartment Therapy and I credit them for the awesomeness.

Where do you find your inspiration? What has inspired you in decorating your home? What is your favorite room?


  1. You know the second picture is a DORM room? That's what makes it even more insane.

  2. sadly, I get inspiration from pottery barn!

  3. Jennifer, Ha I know! I love the color and the way of displaying favorite accessories...even though its a boy's dorm room!

  4. A dorm room? I love that green on the walls. Hubby would shoot me, though.


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