Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Favorite Thing: Glee

Umm. If you are not watching this show, you are MISSING OUT! It is so fun. A JCrew-dressed guidance counselor? A Spanish teacher that sings Bust a Move? Songs so fun I have easily dropped $20 on iTunes for them? YES PLEASE!

So so sorry I have been so MIA. I promise to return to my favorite things ASAP. So many capital letters in this post! I must be pumped for tonights show...if you watch chime in!


  1. Love Glee!!! Squeeeee! Can't wait for tonight's show. Hate on Me was one of my fave songs. Did you hear that they got access to the Madonna songbook so they will most likely do a Madonna-only episode in the future - I can't *wait* to see that one!! So much fun!!

  2. Just watched the "fall finale", loved it (but more for the kiss at the end that for the songs tonight). This is the only show that I'm watching this season (besides the new "Chef Academy" on Bravo). I got the CD at BestBuy for $6.99 (it was a Thanksgiving deal)

  3. I love this show too! I usually watch and record so I can watch again. "Don't Stop Believing" has been my favorite this year, but Rachel sure did a fantastic job with the Barbra tune last night! I always catch the J. Crew on the guidance counselor too!


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