Monday, November 23, 2009

New Favorite Thing: Dash and Albert Rugs

Well, readers, I think at last these are the end of the "home" posts! Hubs and I finally have a table to eat and blog on, and with it I went searching for a simple rug to add color to the kitchen. Why are most (cheap) rugs so ugly? I just wanted some simple vibrant colors in a non-garish design....and apparently that was a tall order, sheesh.

Then I came upon Dash & Albert's line of woven cotton rugs. There are a million different color and pattern options, many sizes, all in do-able prices. Huzzah! You can see their website here.

I selected the Montana Stripe, 4x6 for under our table. I wanted something that wouldn't show any stains and match the deeper colors we have in our apartment, along with the darker BJURSTA table we selected at Ikea (now $149 and expands with built in leaf!). Here is the result:

The rug also came super fast with ground shipping. Was great to finally have things tied together!

What do you think? Happy Thanksgiving Week!


  1. love the new rug! gives that area a pop of color.

  2. Love it! I have been meaning to get a new stair runner from them but haven't done it yet!

  3. I love how your dining area is in a little nook with those beautiful windows! I've been looking for some inspiration for my new dining area, and that IKEA table and rug might just be the thing! Great job! :) Happy thanksgiving!

  4. Spacify has a collection of Rugs with an array of modern designs. Each has its own great look that will find a way to enhance your home.

  5. Its perfect with the dark wood round table.

  6. what a beautiful place for that table and rug! I agree, finding a nice looking rug that doesn't break the bank is HARD!

  7. Hi!

    Saw your comment on my blog about the navy Jayne dress...

    Can you e-mail me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com? It's been a little while since I bought it, so I need to check and see what I purchased it for, and see what it is going for at J. Crew, but I will go a little lower because I wore it once already!


  8. Hi! I found your blog while googling the Ikea Bjursta round table. Do you like how it has held up? I am considering buying it but having problems finding any reviews online or anyone that had one.



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