Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spotted: Cute Little Black Dress

I stopped by the Kate Spade store the other day to see what was new and loved all their festive holiday offerings. Their new apparel line really caught my eye, particularly this new simple black silk dupioni shift dress, seen here.

The Dyan dress had a great shape and length to it. Its pricey but would be a great investment piece--sort of an all season fabric that could work with a cardigan for the office or for any event.

Great scoop neckline, ruffle detail, nice definition at the waist without being too too fitted.

Closeup of the fabric...

Have any of you tried Kate Spade's new clothing? This dress will go on my pie-in-the-sky wishlist. A little too pricey but one to keep in mind!


  1. I have tried Kate Spade's new clothing line, and I LOVE it! The quality is great; it is pricey, but some of the pieces are worth it! This is a GREAT dress, and it looks superb on you--fingers crossed for a great sale!!!

  2. I have some Kate Spade clothing from the past year or two. I find the quality to be lacking on some items, especially considering the price. (An unlined wool skirt that closes with snaps, leaving open gaps on the side wouldn't even be sold at J.Crew, but Kate tries to sell it for $150+.) And the sizing seems to be all over the place, making it very difficult and costly for shipping for those of us who don't have a Kate Spade store to try things on. That being said, I have the black Jillian dress from last year and I LOVE it. I'm hoping the clothing line just needs to work out some kinks. Be sure to watch out for sales on items you like, because some things come down in price a LOT. :)

  3. I don't have any Kate Spade clothing & haven't tried it on. You look great in the dress. Very pretty.

  4. I don't own any Kate Spade but that dress looks lovely on you, very flattering and classic!

  5. The dress is so cute! Definately something to keep your eye one. Since you know your size, you can probably watch the web for deals and sales on her site. Sometimes they have great promotions. I bought a pair of her shows that way!


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