Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New JCrew Try-Ons

I give up, I've just been a terrible blogger! So sorry, reader friends--part of the trouble with moving is that I no longer have my own laptop (OH how I miss it so) and we are waiting until October to have all our apartment/home stuff delivered, so my desktop is over a month away. Sharing Hub's laptop is tricky...for some reason he doesn't understand my wanting to read blogs all evening on it when he wants to read important Current Event articles...hmmm.

BUT! We are at last in the Boston area in our temporary apartment that we will be in for the next month. It felt so good to take the suitcases out of the trunk of the car! Even though I having been living out of an assortment of totes like a bag lady, I haven't given up my shopping...at least window shopping!

I wanted to show you a few things I have tried on recently at JCrew...

Merino Flowery Ruffle Sweater...I believe this was $88. I tried a Medium.

Actual long sleeves! Also came in black, dusty blossom...I love the 100% merino but not a home run for me, so I passed.

Dream Ruffle Cardigan...Tried in Medium.
Sleeves a bit shorter, and the cardigan was a bit too short on me as well...this one not a keeper for me.

Closeup of the pleated ruffle...

Hit closer to the waist..have to wear a longer shirt underneath...

Next, a blazer which I believe is the Wool Twill Nouvell Jacket. A really nice sort of flannel tweedy jacket at $198. I tried a 6 over just a Tshirt and it was nice...but again, too pricey--I know I could find something similar at Gap or something. Nice long and lean fit...

Closeup of the fabric...very soft!

New tuxedo tunic...this was a Shadow Blue Grey. I tried in a Medium with a belt. The SA suggested leggings (not sure I am ready to go there yet). It was cool ,also came in white and a light french blue.

Meh--more coal mining color. I have that! :)


Next, the Wool Pleated Silk Chimera Jacket, retails for $248. I tried it in a 6 in both the Charcoal and the Dusty Blossom.

I thought this fit true to size, and I really liked that the fit was a bit better this year. There is nice seaming to make the jacket have room in the bust but be more fitted at the waist. I tried the charcoal with the gray captain tee, and the dusty blossom with the rooster tee. The jacket is really nice, but I wouldn't be able to spend $248...hoping for a sweet sale in about December ha!

Dusty Blossom...hits right between the waist and hip...not too short!

Gorgeous pleating...

Note the seaming...

OK next up...my neverending pursuit of wearing men's shirts in a chic way. I really want a smart red check one, but they didn't have any size Smalls in my store...I tried on the light blue gingham. I really like this! Have to keep experimenting and look for a sale! So cute!

Here I tried it with the new Chanel-type pique jacket with the gold buttons...

Kinda fun, huh? :)

Here's a look at the jacket on the hanger...

Here's a look at what I was wearing for my shopping day...

I promise to have more soon! What do you think of the new arrivals? Do you have any questions for me? Have you tried any of this on?


  1. The Pique jacket is nice, which jeans were you wearing with the jacket? Matchsticks or the toothpick ones?

    I really like the way the Military jacket fits you.

  2. I liked the flowery ruffle sweater and Wool Twill Nouvell Jacket on you. I am also curious about the jeans you are wearing with the jackets. They look like the toothpick. if they are, did you like them? Regardless of the stye, I'm really liking the wash. They look good on you.

  3. Liz, great to see you back! Your shopping day ensemble was adorable and you've given me new inspiration to wear that blasted jacket more often! :-)

    LOVE you in the menswear shirt. And your jeans really do look fantastic on you, as everyone is noticing!!! Enjoy Boston -- GREAT city!

  4. I really like the ruffle cardigan. Looks like a piece I will have to try on in person.

  5. Thanks for the reviews! Liking the pique jacket and menswear shirt! Was the jacket black or navy?

  6. I loved the jacket so much I bought it! It's black. Quite well made. Runs a tiny bit large. It looks like a design that will last a long time, quite chic with jeans.

    It's called a Fiona jacket, but there's no point in learning the name since it's retail-only.

  7. I too love the black jacket with the gold buttons. Can you post an item number (if you have it) so I can call and see if it's in a store near me? And do you remember how much it cost?

  8. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your responses and questions!

    THe jeans I am wearing in the later pictures are Matchsticks that I grabbed to try things on with...but because of my leg shape they look like toothpicks! I actually liked them too but they were a bit tight...might be worth another try for me!

    The pique jacket was black. My pic is too blurry to see the item number, so sorry! Next time I am at the store I will check again. I believe it was $148 or $168.

  9. Thanks for the info! I am really eyeing that black jacket, I will have to look for it near me. So cute on you!!

  10. Everything looks great on you! I especially love that first cardi (must try it on!) and the jacket. I also think your shopping outfit was fabulous!

  11. Very cute items! I haven't been to JC in too long! I am hoping to get out to my local one soon - it looks like they have gotten some cute things in!

  12. Cute stuff! Welcome back Liz
    When I first saw the Chimeria jacket in black I thought it was the cascading flowers jacket.

  13. Hi! I'm new to your blog, and I have to say that I love all of those picks! the grey floral cardigan is cute! It's nice to see that someone loves Jcrew as much as I do! stop by my blog at onefashionistadiva.blogspot.com. I'll be sure to add you to my blog watch roster.

  14. Hit next blog and saw yours. Um..wow! You're a cutie!


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