Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Checking out Ann Taylor

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to shop my closet and also visit new stores to add some dimension to my wardrobe. I want to make sure I mix in different brands, styles--it always makes me like my wardrobe more when I have unique styles represented.

Recently I popped into Ann Taylor because I saw some signage in the window advertising a "Whole New Ann". I was intrigued to see a new style from them. Their clothes are still very classic and feminine, but I liked things I saw in the store. I go through cycles with Ann Taylor--sometimes its too stuffy for me, other times I like the femininity. I think overall the Fall and Winter fit better in my style.

Here are a few blurry snaps from my visit....

First, the Silk Structured Ruffle Top, which is now on sale for 39.99 online. I know we all talk about "how many ruffles can we have??" but this top had really good shape and fit. Not too short or long, really pretty fabric, and structured details. Click here to see it online....

Closeup: Open neckline and pretty pleating....

I liked the feminine shape and style of this Textured Wool Jacket. It is here for $195, funnel neck, blouson sleeves a bit, princess seaming in a pretty navy color. If this goes on sale, I think it could be a really cool buy...wear it with pencil skirt, or even skinny jeans.

Last pick was the Perfect Pump, seen here for $155. This is a really nice shoe. Moderate heel, beautiful colors. Great shape and comfortable toe. Below is my foot in the Aubergine patent, which is a gorgeous red/deep brown.

Here is a gray suede version, so pretty...

Overall, I really like the Ann Taylor website too--the styling seems really fresh, the photos are big and show a lot of the product. For example, here's a long merino cardigan shot. By the way--many of the sweaters are $30 off right now so this $90 sweater is $60.

Love to see new brands doing pretty things! What do you think of Ann Taylor recently? Have you seen or tried any items? How do you mix different brands together?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the ruffle shirt. Super cute.

  2. I love the aubergine heels and that blue long sweater! Esp. with the great promotion, you can't beat it. I may have to take a peek instore!

  3. Hi Liz, I left a comment for you on your previous post about Boston area JCA store event. I don't know if you saw it yet or not. If you want you can email me - sriomac at gmail dot com. Thanks! Stephanie

  4. Lots of ruffles out there in retail land, but I still love their structured pleated ruffle top. Very pretty. That color is not easy to come by in a pump. Hope you get those. :-)

  5. Ditto what gigi said - those pumps are gorgeous in the patent!!

  6. I love that jacket and will be waiting for it to go on sale. Also love the ruffle top--had to but it immediately after seeing this post. It was my first purchase ever from Ann Taylor and is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm super excited!

  7. cute blouse!!!! i never seem to walk into ann taylor... i guess i should!

  8. Love the heels. Did they fit true to size?


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