Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rugby by Ralph Lauren Sweaters, and Others

So I am continuing to look for a job in the Boston area, but we did find an apartment--I am so excited! Its a great place in a cute area and will be accessible to fun all over the city. As I have had some free time in between emailing resumes, I have been taking walks and window shopping on Newbury Street which is not a bad way to spend the day! I hope you all don't mind that I have been exploring great finds in other stores.

Yesterday I visited Rugby by Ralph Lauren, which is such a fun preppy explosion store. One of my favorite things about the brand is the style and visual merchandising of their stores--its like you are at Hogwarts or the lounge at a Prep molding, vintage pennants and photos of sports teams, its so much fun. The clothes are colorful and while some are over the top, they have great classic country club looks with fun color mixed in.

Here's an example of the tempting displays of some wool sweaters all stacked up....

Here I am in the Shetland Shawl Collar sweater, seen here online, in a Large. I do feel like the sweaters are a bit "shrunken" sometimes, so I size up. They are a bit short, but I love this one. Also, while sometimes Rugby is expensive, some of their pieces are very reasonably priced. This sweater is $89.50 and 100% shetland wool. Pretty competitive to JCrew and others for a cozy heavy sweater. (Apologize for the combo with the gray skirt and black pumps, it was what I had on)

Cute leather equestrian detail. This sweater comes in Ivory, Purple, Navy, Gray, Orange, and a Brown Heather.

Here's the Wool Suede Side Patch Turtleneck. Here it is online. This is a fine 100% wool, it also comes in black, and is also $89.50. The Ivory is a bit see-through, but a nice long and lean fit. This is a Large on me as well. I miggghhhht try the Medium in the black, but I thought this is a fun twist on a wool turtleneck.

Quilted Suede shoulder patches.

I really recommend checking out Rugby for fun preppy additions to your closet. They often have sales too that are fun to look through. Another note...they have these amazing knit merino leggings that are super cozy and cute...check them out. I have tried on a few leggings recently but I can't really figure out if I want cropped or full length, how I would wear them...but I have been trying some out.

Speaking of that, I found an equestrian pair of leggings with suede knee patches at Zara for $39.50 that were cute. I also found a pretty tunic-length cashmere vneck and their cashmere there is $89...really a deal....beautiful neutrals and very soft, good fit. I found it was true to size.

There's my window shopping report! What do you think? Have you been to Rugby? Do you like their look?


  1. I really like that first sweater, and it's a good price! Did you find the wool to be itchy at all?

  2. Hi,

    I just found your blog and am a fellow Boston Based Blog Girl! I love the Rugby store on Newbury, but have found that the Polo outlet stores in Wrenthem and Kittery get a ton of the Rugby pieces mid season! So I try and hold out for items to hit the outlets!

  3. Love the first one. I've booked mark the link and added it to my fall/winter wish list.

  4. RL Rugby is one of my fave stores!

  5. I saw an article about this store in a magazine recently. Thanks for posting some IRL pics. I like RL's classic style.

    Also...I left a little something special for you on my blog this AM (Thursday), please pop over and check it out!!!

  6. The only time I've been in a Rugby store (this store is now closed, actually) was during spring/summer, so the wares were more slutty-- very tight polos, short shorts, etc. I also wasn't into all the skulls instead of polo horses on the shirts. I do have a cute navy/green rugby stripe wrap dress from there, but hardly wear it.

  7. I really like the second sweater with the little patches. too cute and wha a nice touch!

  8. I love that first sweater with that detailing on side!!!

    Sweaters = quite possibly my favourite things to wear, after wrap dresses

  9. SERIOUSLY?! I was googling this sweater after seeing it on the SA at the RL store and whaddya know - Google came up with your blog! MUST HAVE the buckle detail sweater...probably in mutiples now that it's F&F weekend :) You mentioned that you often need to size up in Rugby - do you mind if I ask what size you normally wear (like JCrew size?) I'm a slightly busty S - should I try M or L do you think?
    And I bought those Zara leggings, too! :)

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