Sunday, August 30, 2009

Martin + Osa Deals

Hi all, I'll just keep apologizing for the lags between posts as Hubs and I have been all over the eastern seaboard and haven't yet settled into our new "home" yet. We are having a great time but sadly it has taken me away from blogging a bit!

I love seeing the fall clothes showing up in all my favorite stores as August winds down. I had been excited to see what Martin + Osa would offer this year, as often I like their clothes as a bit more sporty and classic part of my wardrobe. M+O also always seems to have a promotion running, either a coupon or a giveaway or special pricing which makes it easy to try out their clothes or a new style. For example, now through September 1 you can get 20% off your entire order with the code 15816612 online. Also, word is they are doing a big giveaway for Labor Day weekend both online and in stores--with a purchase of full price denim, men will get a leather/webbed belt and women will get a beautiful silk scarf, around a $70 dollar one! Thats what I am talking about!

They have redone their denim and now have even more washes and more defined styles. I loved their Straight Fit from the past year, and my latest favorites are the Boot Fit in New Vintage Wash (great slight wear on a dark wash, without being too ragged or tattered):

I also really want to try their Slim Fit. Until now I haven't been able to wear "skinny jeans" but M+O might be my best shot. Their jeans fit me well in the waist and hips, and have the right amount of stretch without being clingy. The new Flare fit is also great. I wear a 30 or 31 in their jeans. Last year I was a solid 30 but the Slim fit I would definitely want a 31. Let me know if you want more info.

I visited the store this past week and also really liked two of their new sweaters. First, the Ribbed Cardigan Coat, seen here online and retail of $130. Here I am trying on a Medium in the Stone Heather color. Cozy, nice long and lean fit, great with jeans for fall.

(Apologies for these photos...M+O has cool dressing rooms but the lighting makes me look like I am on a spaceship)

Next my favorite current sweater...the Mixed Guage Cowlneck Sweater for $79.50 in all wool. Really liked the fit, feel, and weight of this nice Merino sweater.

Good length in a size Medium...

The neckline has its own shape so the buttons can create different looks...

I love that the M+O clothes have their own style without being fussy. Everything wears easily and I have found that over the past year their sweaters are some of the first I choose to wear. Reminds me of wardrobe staples like a white button down or a trench coat--not about a brand or frills, but about ease and a great fit. I think I will be adding the button turtleneck to that collection...and maybe testing the Slim Fit jeans too!

Hope you enjoy the coupon and giveaway info. Anyone have any M+O questions? Have you been to the store recently? Any new favorites?


  1. I have never tried on or shopped at M+O. It doesn't appeal to me, -- not sure why -- but I haven't really given it a shot either.

    I looooove the cowl neck sweater. I love the lines at the neck. SO cute!

  2. Where is the M&O store in the Boston Area? I am interested in trying their jeans, you have given such a great recommendation!

  3. Long time lurker first time poster, I love your blog, we are about the same size so I love your posts.

    I have the straight fit M&O jeans and I love them, I had to get them altered at the waist to get them to fit just right. The quality is top notch. Thanks for the code.

  4. I got a 20%-off card that's good til partway through September, going to use it before it expires for sure!

    I have been coveting that cowl-neck too since I first saw it in their catalog. It looks really good on you! Maybe I'll get one and we can be twins again? ;)

    I also love that fall-looking silk dress (although it could be a bit too short...), and their other silk tops. Good stuff!

  5. tried on the collared sweater in olive and loved it. maybe later I will get it. got the new ss silk blouse with pleats at the neckline in the steel/navy blue color and the sleeveless cowl neck silk gray scratchprint blouse- might return though b.c the elastic waist hits me funny but it looked so good under their long gray pointelle- ish v neck cardi. had such a good shopping experience(1st time there), they were so attentive and not pushy at all- but i spent way too much money!

  6. I've gotten into M+O because of your posts! I wish there were more stores around so I've been doing mail order with them. But as you said, they always have some type of promotion going on. They have free shipping over $100 with Free returns!! I have a few things from them- a navy peacoat and a navy heavyweight sweatshirt type jacket. I love them both. But I haven't tried their pants yet. I like the sweater coat on you. I just may have to check it out!

  7. Hi Liz, first time poster here. The sweater looks great on you! I love M+O - I've had really good luck with their jeans, and just picked up the cowl-neck sweater - thanks for the reco :)

  8. Liz,I'm a first time poster too, but have been following your blog for months! Anyway, I too had never found any skinny jeans that worked for my "larger" bottom half. But I ordered a pair of the slim fit off the sale section for $21 and I went a size bigger (31) thinking I'd need the extra room. But when they arrived, they were way too big. I next ordered a 29 and a 30. I could do the 29s, but for comfort and eventual shrinkage in the dryer I kept the 30s. So you might be able to get the 30s after all. FYI I'm a sz 8 at J Crew.

  9. Hi Liz - I'm so happy to see you do a post about M+O! I only own a dress from them, but after seeing that cowlneck sweater in their catalog and getting 20% and free shipping, I ordered one in olive. It's supposed to come today so I'll have to let you know! It looks great on you :)

  10. Katie,

    You can find M+O in Burlington Mall and in Natick Mall.

  11. Good advice in your blog. Thanks a lot.

  12. SO glad to see all the comments here! I have loved discovering M+O's different style and how to mix it into my wardrobe. It sounds like many of you are liking it as well!

    The giveaway has started online! For Women, you receive a free Love Shop silk scarf which is a 69.50 value with any full priced denim purchase. Check it out on the M+O home page!


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