Monday, October 5, 2009

Today is Move In Day 1!

Quote of the day, from one of the movers hauling our worldly possessions up two flights of stairs:

"So was your place in Oakland...bigger?"

That says it all...fitting everything into our new place is a work in progress, sorry for the blogging lag! I will have pics of the new place very soon. I also want to thank and respond to Pamela's Kreative Blogger award, yay thanks! Thats coming this week.

So, readers, any favorite moving stories? Things lost, couches stuck in doorways? My favorite was reading box titles we made up a month ago, such as "PORCH: tennis racket, Christmas tree stand, flower pot, cooler". Or "LIVING ROOM: Apron, Baggies, Photos, Spices"...huh? Sadly, no porch this time so this box got pushed to the back! Share your stories! Miss you all!


  1. When we were moving into our NYC apartment we had to hire movers - 3 flight of stairs no elevators. Well our couch wouldn't fit through the doorway, luckily it is from IKEA and all their stuff comes apart - but we couldn't remember how to get it apart. It took a while and at some point we created a huge back up because people couldn't get down the steps and I was stuck there alone trying to get it apart. At one point I got so flustered I just walked into our apartment, closed the door behind me, and hid from the people. Luckily we eventually got it apart and all was good - however I did rip the couch cover in the process.

    Hope the move goes better for you!

  2. I've moved close to 10 times, literally. I feel like I've been through it all and then I move again, and something new occurs!

    My best story: moving/driving cross country. Moved to the Baltimore area June 2008, moved back to Pacific Northwest July 2009. Didn't like the area much. I drove there and drove back! It was short, stressful, tiring, and amazing.

    I don't necessarily 'recommend' it but it was an experience I can look back on and have a good laugh..
    Oh, and word of advice: Never eat a packaged egg salad sandwich from a gas station, no matter how desperate you are.

  3. I lucked out this time around b/c our city loft is ground floor, which makes for very easy moving. It also makes for paranoid living (for me), and within a month of my moving in I forced my bf to put bars on the window! His friend made us some, we only had to pay for materials, which was nice.

    Unfortunately, I broke my favorite coffee mug (the Black Dog) because I stupidly put it on top of a bunch food or other oddly shaped junk in a canvas bag, placed the bag on the trunk of my car, it toppled over and the mug shattered in the street. :(

  4. Ah, moving... fun times! :/

    My favorite stories are the weirdo things my fiance unpacked when we first moved in together. The two favorite things I hate and keep hidden:

    A little framed sign he has that says "The only truth about mankind is that Man isn't kind." um, talk about a negative attitude! I do NOT want to look at that phrase over and over every day, thankyouverymuch.

    Also, when he went to Australia years ago, he brought back a full-size didgeridoo (this thing is like five feet long.) When that came out of a box at our new place, I was like, what the hell do we need a cheesy DIDGERIDOO for???? ugh!

    He also has a beautiful framed poster, but the title is in the Papyrus typeface, so it sits in the cleaning closet, out of my sight! :)

    Good luck organizing everything!

  5. I am just overjoyed that our container made it here on the ship around Somolia where all the pirates are. I would have DIED if my wardrobe would have been captured.

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