Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A LizPoms Favorite Solution

You may recall my love affair with my Hunter Huntress (Extended Calf) Wellies that I got last winter. Here is a glamour shot of them when we first met...

Well, a year's worth of wear and sun and being in the box and who knows what else made them look so so so sad. Apparently its a factor of the rubber that the wellies can "bloom" and have white marks come to the surface on the rubber. When you google Hunter Wellies Care, you can find a great thread on Purse Forum and find photos like these below and some solutions. See here.

The Hunter website says that you should wipe them gently with a warm soapy cloth. Um, this does not work. Look at my dear boots even AFTER a vigorous wipe with a warm soapy cloth for like 30 minutes....YUCK!

Soooo..enter one of the solutions, the McNett UV Tech. This is supposed to be for rubber wetsuits and rafts and stuff when they lay in the sun. At this point I would try ANYTHING. The Hunter polish only is available in Britain, and McNett can be found at REI.com.

After some Hubs elbow grease...check out the side by side comparison!!

And again...they still have a bit of a faded look, but better than nothing....

Ta-Da!!! Much better!!

So glad my Hunters aren't horrid to look at anymore. I think I will probably have to keep applying this over the season to keep the white to a minimum.

I know not everyone has Hunters, but wanted to let you know an easy solution I found for their care! I love these boots and can't wait to keep wearing them!


  1. Thank you! Mine are red, but now look orangy red. I had no idea what was happening. Definitely trying that.

  2. They almost look new again! I would never have thought that they would change color. What a nice husband you have to work on those boots!

  3. YIKES!! I had no ideas hunters did that- how awful. but at least you got them looking good again!

  4. Where on earth did you find extended calf hunters? I need these!

  5. Hi all! Anonymous...they are the Huntress model, which I found on Zappos...here's a link:


    They are available in green, navy, and black. Just a note, cause I was surprised when I opened them..the front tag says "Huntress" not "Hunter" which kinda made me laugh. BUt they fit, so I love them!

  6. They look fantastic! I do like the look of just a wee bit of age on them - makes them more authentic. Excellent solution - I will have to try that on my other rubber rain boots!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the info! It's good to know how to maintain them -- once I buy a pair, of course! :-)

  8. First of all, thanks for the tip on what happens to those boots! I just went shopping with one of my daughters last month for new rain boots. We wanted a better quality rainboot, her previous ones were leopard print from Target; the following a pink rubber/wool pair from J Crew which never fit her comfortably. We looked at the Hunter, but also at a Kate Spade Rainboot at Nordstrom - and she liked the Kate Spade boot. If she had those Hunter's at college - she would be so upset, and would never take the time to keep them "polished" or clean them with lots or rubbing.

    You were fortunate to find such a product to make them look new again. I'm surprised that they don't offer it with the boots, and come out and TELL you this would happen. Shoe stores are always wanted to sell "extras" when you buy shoes, haha!

    Your boots look great! How nice of your husband to help you!

  9. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this post! My hunters did that about a year ago and I thought I must have inadvertently ruined them by putting them up against wet paint or something without noticing -- I had no idea that the boots do that by themselves! I will be fixing them up with that polish soon now though :)

  10. I use Armor All spray, (the one for your car) and it works great! I saw this tip online and tried it and it took the white away and my boots look brand new.

  11. OMG!!! you are a life saver
    i had my Hunter boots since 2008 and after 1st wear i start to see white marks and can't get it off, i try anything...i mean anything, but just to make it worth...sigh...it almost makes me want to get another new one,Thank you so so so much.

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