Monday, October 26, 2009

Jonathan Adler on Newbury!

Sorry for all the "home" posts...but its what I am focusing on these days!

The other day on a walk around town I stumbled on the new Jonathan Adler store on Newbury. What a bright, cheery, fun store and home perspective.

His book, My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living, was front and center. I think this is going on my Christmas list!

Look at this adorable rug. When I find $720 in the couch cushions, I'm going for it!

All of the rugs and pillows in the store and online can be customized in color with all the pretty tones seen below for the same price. Fun! So I could have a YELLOW anchor on a blue rug? Perfect!

More pillows and rugs and fun...

Tons of color!

I recommend a visit to the store if you are strolling Newbury. If not, you can always find great stuff on the Jonathan Adler site.

What are your favorite home stores?


  1. I am loving all the fun colors in the store - I want all of those pillows!

  2. ABC Carpet and Home in NYC! Unfortunately, I can't afford anything there... but it's an emporium of beautiful things. :)


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