Friday, November 6, 2009

Swoonworthy Tortoise--TB Revas

Oh my. Just dropping in to show you these new Tory Burch resort Revas that are now on I love tortoiseshell--I have a great Michael Kors tortoise watch and many JCrew tortoise hair accessories. I love the tones of black and brown together and the classic preppy look it has.

Check these out! Squeal...

Brown version....

Love them!

You can find these and pre-order them here.

I have just recently gotten the TB Revas in black on ebay, I previously had the orange suede version that I found on sale. I think they are a nice polish flat look. Now how to avoid buying these new ones!

What do you think??


  1. LOVE the gold. Also the brown. Heck, I'd take one in every color! :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. So blogland has really introduced me to the Reva but I have never bought them or tried them on. People just keep showing me picture after picture and telling me how great they are and at $250 they outta be!;) So, I am loving the gold and feel like they could be worn year-round!
    Do they run TTS?
    Does the elastic hurt (I have a ballet flat in pewter leather that is fantastic but that elastic does start to kill my heel)
    Do they EVER go on sale?
    Like say at Nordstrom or is this pretty much..bite-the-bullet and invest? TIA!

  3. Love the tortoiseshell both especially the gold. I have the TB Revas I got on ebay but they are patent black leather ones. For the leather ones they run TTS and for the patent leather ones I would say go up 1/2 size since they don't give out as the leather ones do. TB has seasonal sale I think but you have to be on their email list and they sale out really fast on some sizes. I'm going to keep an out for these cute ones.
    Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Hi, not a regular commenter but saw these and had to say something. I have a major TB obsesh and I love these! I saw them on Nordstrom recently and bookmarked the page, actually! I have this dream that someday all my flats will be TB Revas! Sick! Thanks for posting about them! You just reminded me how fab they are.

  5. Oooo, liking the tortoiseshell!
    I have two pairs of leather revas (black & brown). They are great - fit is TTS. Very comfy (the elastic does not bite into your heel at all - at least not mine!) and the rubber sole is nice. Well worth it!

  6. oh my! i just got the TB in black leather, but this one it's just too cute! I want it!

  7. So, I keep seeing these around the blogoshpere. Are they really THAT comfortable? I tend to think the elastic on the back would rub, does it? I really need a new pair of nice black flats.


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