Friday, August 21, 2009

JCrew Tee-a-Palooza

A few more glimpses of JCrew from the past week...

Many of you have been commenting on the graphic tees, I think JCrew is finally testing out new trends in graphic tees that I really like. Here is a look at a few. They were still putting them out so I didn't see all the sizes...

Rooster Tee
I really liked this one! The medium fit well with a open crewneck/scooped neckline, which is my favorite they have done. This tee was a bit more sheer than others, but I liked the look of the natural ink on the ivory.

Next, the Slub Cotton Embroidered Flowers Tee. This one is now online for $42.50, so this pic isn't really a "scoop" but I wanted to show this one just the same. They didn't have my size in this. Its pretty, but I tend to not go for such romantic and feminine graphics in Tees.

Tissue Posy VNeck Tee
This has sort of a simplistic, Dr. Suess or Orla Kiely look to it. But I love their foray into the VNeck embellished tees. $39.50.

And now...
Tissue Beaded Medallion Tee, $45.
I really loved the vneck, the blush pink and the medallions. Of course, this has the typical problem of the weight of the beads, but I feel like if you have good posture and the right size, this can be pulled off.

Some real life pics...

Closeup of how the vneck and beads lie...

Beading is nice medallions and scattered...really pretty coloring.

I held back on these, but I really love the last one. I think it could look great with the Cinnamon Stick Pencil Skirt (!!) or jeans. Really going to keep my eye on this one.

Have any of you seen these tees? What do you think? Have you purchased ant of these? How will you wear them?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooooh, I love that beaded medallion tee! I was just on the J.Crew site yesterday and my goodness they have some gorgeous stuff!! I love all of the beaded necklace tee's. Great finds for simple and chic additions to your wardrobe =)

  2. I just ordered the the Slub Cotton Embroidered Flower tee. What did you think about the sizing compared to the other tees? Surprisingly, I fit into a small on the tee I got last month, but I'm a size 10 in blouses. Go figure.

  3. Love it! I just picked up the Tissue Posy Vneck Tee in gray on my way home tonight! I want to get the Rooster Tee too! So cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I picked-up a few new tees on Wednesday night too! Would you mind if I clipped your *rooster tee* photo to Polyvore? If not, I totally understand!:)

  5. Love this post!! thanks so much! my favorite is the last tee you tried on, the beaded v neck one. I think I might need that one! Looks adorable on you, I hope you go back and get one! Not so crazy for the big black flowered one, but the rooster one is cute too!!!

  6. Oh, how was the fitting, on the last tee? tts?? or a little small?

  7. Thanks for showing the tees! I haven't made it into the store yet so it is nice to see a preview. I really like the last one with the beads. It looks so nice on you!

  8. Love the fun tees! I started a new blog to document how I put together outfits that work within the all-black dress code I have for work... hope we are able to overlap a bit with good finds that both of us can use!

  9. Whoops, forgot to include the link to my blog in my comment above: Have a great weekend!

  10. I got the rooster tee,the Slub Cotton Embroidered Flower tee. I also bought the "two dogs" tee and "Savon au Fleur de Lys" tee.

  11. I agree with you. Cute but am holding off on these embrod. tees. Thanks for the post and pictures.


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