Tuesday, August 11, 2009

JCrew New Most Wanteds

Hi all,

Again--apologies for my long absences. Things have just been absolutely crazy in planning and packing and coordinating for the move east. Every day its been a mix of last-moment fun and getting things together for the move. I really hope I will be able to pick up the posting in the next few days--I have some things lined up to write about so I so appreciate your patience!

A note on Vegas...we had a great time! I wanted to wear my drapey dress but it turned out to be just too HOT (temperature) and dressy for the night out with the girls. The Mirage really exceeded my expectations, it was nicely done and the pool was great. It felt nice to sitin the sun, have some drinks, and just let loose. Thanks for all your well wishes! I ended up wearing a black ruffle halter from Rugby Ralph Lauren and a simple gray skirt from Gap with Jessica Simpson Snakeskin heels.

Of course, in the crazy week leading up to departure, I found a few moments to visit JCrew for the latest arrivals and wanted to get some info out to you all! Two of the items I was really looking forward to were the Maya cardigan and the new Double Sege Pencil Skirt. I LOVED the skirts from last year and I was looking to build my collection for the cooler Boston weather. Read on and thanks for your patience!

Maya Cardigan, $88.
I was looking forward to this cardigan as I loved the gathering at the waist and styling. However, I tried on the Medium and I thought the proportions were a bit off for me...The cardigan was too short in comparison to how the ruching hit me. I didn't hate it, and I thought it could be great on smaller girls, but I held off...

Closeup, this is the Dark Amber yellow color...

Next, the Anton cardigan, $98 in the Heather Dusk color.
I love the look of this and its cozy, but its not a full price must buy for me. Again, I wish the proportions are slightly different on this, but I will keep it in mind for sale item (maybe).

Single button closure is nice.

Thick rib trim on this sweater.

And now....drumroll...the new Double Serge Pencil Skirt of 2009.

I loved this piece last year and now the new version is just the same and great. New this year--side zipper for a nice fit. Better seaming tailoring. Colors are a rich Deep Plum, Black, Peal Gray, Cinnamon Stick (brick) and I heard a Dusty Blossom online later.

A note on sizing--just like last year, the colors fit slightly differently. I feel like this runs TTS to slightly large. In the gray, I tried on the 10 and people said it was too big...the 8 sits higher and will require Spanx but thats ok. The Cinnamon Stick 8 was too small right off the bat and the 10 fit better. Try these on if you can....

Pearl Gray with a button down, $118. Interview! Work! Real professional attire!

Cinnamon Stick...a striated fall orange and brown gorgeous color...

In bright light close up....

Gray and seaming closeup....

Back view of the cinnamon.

Left the sweaters, love the skirts. Have any of you tried these on? Thoughts? Questions?

Thanks for your patience and I look forward to getting back on track!


  1. The cinnamon stick color is fabulous. It's the perfect fall color, I'll have to pick that one up soon!

  2. Best wishes for a well-coordinated, stressless move back to beantown. Envious of the fall season you'll be experiencing! What a great time of year to go back (for a trip, or in your case, "permanently" : ) )

  3. Thank you for the posts! I LOVE the skirt in cinnamon the last time I was at my store, I didn't see any of these goodies, but I plan on making a trip solely based on your post. I like the Anton Cardi on you, but I may have to give a pass on the Maya. It almost seems like it needs to be a titch longer.
    Good luck on your move!

  4. perfect fall colors...I was just at jcrew yesterday and picked up a few skirts and shirts...I love their denim pencil skirt!!

  5. Love the Anton cardigan in the Heather Dusk color! I did not see that in my local B&M yesterday. The one button closure is very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ooooh, I want that skirt. Thanks for the review!

  7. Great post! I don't know---I was looking forward to that Maya cardigan and it looks too short! Boo! Although, I do love that color and I think it looks fantastic on you, so i think you should get it....:) And LOVE the skirts!! Esp. the gray. Would work with many outfits, and very professional looking.

  8. Some friends and I are going to Boston this fall, and we can't wait! We love that city, as I'm sure you do too! :)

    Good call on holding out, LizPoms. If you're not totally into it, definitely better to hold off on purchasing. I love the color of the Maya cardigan, but it does look a bit weird proportion-wise. But in terms of color coordination...I could totally picture that cardigan with the cute cinnamon skirt! What say you? ;)

  9. Unfortunate fit for both of those sweaters. Taking the wind out of my sails really quickly:(

    Try getting a fit from the skirt by pulling it up higher, elongating the legs-does that work?

  10. I love these items...I picked up the double serge pencil skirt in grey on my trip to the B&M today. I LOVE it. It defintely FTS to slightly large. I also purchased the argyle merino vneck sweater in the camel/black/grey color combo to wear with the skirt and under black suiting this fall. It looks really sharp!

  11. I like the Anton on you, but agree on waiting for the price to go down. The cinnamon pencil skirt is a must buy. How often does a color like that come along? Thank you for these reviews!

  12. I completely agree with you on all of these...

    The Anton sweater looks so nice, but I'm also waiting for a markdown.

    The Maya cardigan is also cute, but I agree that it should be longer below the twisted ruching area! I do think it's flattering though :)

    And the cinnamon stick skirt is a must for fall! What a great color!

    Thanks so much for posting the IRL pics :)

  13. Totally agree about the sweaters. They look so nice, but just slightly to short. I am built about the same as you, so I anticipate the same problem. I really like the Anton in the photos online, but think it may be a pass.

    Thanks for the IRL pics of the cinammon skirt. I bought the ochre double serge last year and love it. I was hoping for a new color this year. Your pics just sealed the deal. I will be going to pick this up myself!!

  14. wow that grey pencil skirt looks AMAZING on you! I think the grey sweater would be cute on you if you got the next size up- I think it's supposed to be a bit loose. Thanks for the IRL pictures! I've been curious about those sweaters!!! xo


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