Thursday, August 11, 2011

New JCrew: Solong Tunic Sweatshirt

For a while I have been wondering why JCrew does not have more long, tunic-length options. These days there is a trend to wear leggings and skinny jeans/pants, and even their famous Minnie pant fits in this category--yet they don't have many tops or sweaters that hit below the butt to wear with them. Each year they have a couple sweaters that fit this mold (Long Alpaca Open Cardigan from last year, for example) and they seem to sell quickly. I would love a Merino chunky sweater coat, or even cashmere, and I am sure customers might be willing to pay for it. Similarly, they could do a tunic length Perfect Fit Tee as a great layering piece in fall/winter.

The Solong Tunic Sweatshirt caught my eye for this reason...I also just generally need more casual type clothes these days.

I ordered the Large to avoid clinginess, I would say right now I am almost always a Large in tops. However, I found the sweatshirt to hang on me a bit and was baggy under the arms, I might try the Medium but I want to make sure its not tight around the booty area. I'll have to look into it. I would say you might be OK sizing down for a fitted look , or your usual size for a slouchier feel.

Very cozy, definitely thicker than it appeared online. I would say the web images make it look more like a thick slub Tshirt material, but it was definitely a heavier fleecy feel--I would say its very similar to the Jaspe weight on the Jaspe sequined sweatshirt from a while back, a midweight sweatshirt material. Good drape but not too thin at all. Would be great for layering or with a cozy scarf.

An oatmealy gray...not too exciting but a warm color that isn't too "workout" looking.

Pretty good for a longer piece in a heavier weight at $78, especially if you can get it with a promo. I really picture getting a lot of wear out of this if I can find the right fit.

What do you think? Would you consider the Solong Tunic?


  1. Thanks for the post and pictures! Love to see the items in real life. I really like the looks of the fabric but not sure the shape of the garment would fit my body type.

  2. I just ordered 2 sweatshirts last week from J Crew, the Around Town and the Quilted Sweatshirt I really like them. I would recommend buying your regular size there is sufficient give to the fabric that it will stretch out after wearing. They are longer than the website picture so it might go with leggings. Thanks for posting the pics.

  3. Love this!!! And loving your credit card on the other hand isn't. :)

  4. Love this, too. You could probably do a medium, in my opinion. I am going to give this a try:0

  5. Thanks everyone! I am going to try the Medium. If I get the right fit I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this piece into the fall. I will make sure to update once I try the Medium. Definitely worth a try!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I'm waiting for my solong sweatshirt to arrive - purchased with promo. I chose the same size (M) as I have in one of the past jaspe sweatshirts. Appreciate your photos and details! :)

  7. Thanks for the irl pic's Liz! You are the only blogger I've found w/pic's of this item. It's in final sale today, marked down to $49.99 + add'l 30% off. It is very soft & am only considering it because I got to 'touch' it in passing at the b&m and it is truly soft. It went to fs too quick! I didn't get to try it on.

    Also, I think you'd fit in the medium too!


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