Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New JCrew: A couple new arrivals

Please excuse the sloppiness of this post, but I wanted to get a few pics I snapped up of some new items I spotted at the B&M store today. The store I visited was still getting their shipment so there were just a few pieces I hadn't seen before, but hopefully these will be helpful. I didn't try any of these on because I am trying to focus my shopping on things that will actually work in my lifestyle, and all of these are a bit more dressy or edgy than what I am looking for right now. Looking forward to seeing new things online (hopefully) tomorrow!

Item 49774, $128. First was the origami mini in a red/pink satiny fabric. This isn't my style, but the fabric is pretty. It seemed a little holiday to me? Or something...

Item 47714, $178. Next is a red dress...not sure if this is the anticipated "red dress"?? Again, this is not my style. Not to be negative, but this dress did not look good in person. The fabric looks cheap, sheer, and wrinkly. Collar looked like it wouldn't lie right. The dress honestly looked like something you might see on a goodwill rack. Part of it was the neck buttoned up and the lack of steaming, but it looked so sad on the hanger. Very bright red.

Item 51425, $138. Next was a brown plaid pencil skirt with a small coin pocket. Inside it had a "No. 2" label, so I think it is the same cut as many of the other pencils this season. This had a very classic look to it, almost old school. MIght look pretty with a rich purple or pink color.

Item 49396, $138. Plaid Wool Cafe Capri. Had the same weight and cuff as the new wool cafe capri, I really liked the colors in this plaid. Very pretty and lots of styling options.

Item 48821, $72. Last was the Perfect Fit Gingham shirt in Artillery Fatigue (awesome color name). I usually avoid these shirts because they are not great on me, but two things changed my mind...the color is really great on this--lots of versatility, good weight on the fabric, I can imagine wearing it with tons of things. Seems like it has more "crispness" than previous perfect shirts, nicer looking and more put together. Also, it comes in Tall! Wahoo...I love the longer fit of Tall tops, so I ordered this to check it out. I think it would look great with navy, black, and brown but also with pinks, oranges...

Sorry there are no pics on a real person but I wanted to offer this glimpse of what I saw...anyone have anything on their wishlist from their new rollout?


  1. is there a new roll-out online tomorrow? I'm kind of hoping not - I still have a bunch of fall pre-orders to go and my cc could really use a break!

    I don't think that dress is "the" red dress - the latter didn't have a collar. I tried the one you photographed and you're right, it's not that great. Plus, it was super small in the chest. I think I would have to go 2 sizes it up to get it to button properly.

    so glad you're back to blogging!

  2. I went into the store yesterday and tried on that origami skirt, the red dress, and the plaid wool pencil skirt. They were definitely interesting, but nothing was wow for me. And I really loved the idea of the red dress, but it was so wrinkled and static-y, plus I couldn't even get all of the button done in my normal size. It had potential to look pretty.

    I just got the double serge pencil skirt in vibrant flame and another vibrant flame striped tee.


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