Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying New Things--Hitting Anthropologie

Wow, its been almost a month. I feel like I haven't had much to write about, but I think I need to start getting a new perspective! Find interest in the every day, mhmmm that shall be my new mantra.

Every once in a while I get an itch to inject something new into my wardrobe. I feel like this must happen to all of us, the feeling that everything in your closet looks the same, snore. Its not really true, but just that feeling can be enough to set off the search for some fun new pieces. I turned to Anthropologie, partly from inspiration from the marvelous Kim at Anthroholic. I haven't shopped much at Anthro--I think I have always had a tough time understanding how to put the feminine, whimsical pieces together. Kim's (and others'!) blog has helped me to see that you just need to jump in and have a little fun. I have found myself prowling the nearby Anthro stores, especially the sale racks, looking to plunge into some new wardrobe fun.

Here are a few recent pieces that caught my eye.

First, a floral wrap top that I don't see on the website right now...it is on sale for $69.95. I sized up to get some more length on the top...I think it is pretty but price is still a little high for me right now. I do like the beading detail on this one (see second photo).

I found this Floreat top on the sale rack as well, but I have to size down and haven't found that size in person. This one is $39.95, ivory with henley buttons and a bit of gold metallic striping..a pretty top thats neutral but special. This one has been on my mind so I might have to try and hunt it down.

These next two just hit the sale section online today and I am very intrigued.

I think this Scalloped Dot Skirt is so cute, would look cute both with tights now and later with a fresh white tank. Now $49.95.

And this dress begs for a wide brown belt, maybe cowboy boots...In A Moment Dress, now $59.95.

How do you use Anthro pieces in your wardrobe? Better yet, how do you mix it up when its February, you are bored with your clothes and spring is nowhere in sight? :)

I missed you all, thanks for patience!


  1. I bought the polka dot skirt when it was full price, and returned it because I felt like it was a bit too short. But I kept thinking about it and recently bought it again - this time on sale!

  2. Jillian, thanks for your comment--how did you feel the sizing of the skirt was? I am not sure whether to get true size, down, up?

  3. I tried on the Scalloped dots skirt when it first came out and found it to be TTS. I held out and just ordered it on sale. It's a bit shorter than the pencil skirts i wear, but definatly not mini. I like getting inspriation from all the other blogs with my anthro pieces and also from their catalogs. I've started mixing more colors and patterns and love it. I also like to pair some of the shorter sleeve items with long sleeves or cardigans to extend the wear. And I also like to pair Anthro's fun tights with basics like black skirts or solids to give my outfit just a little whimsy :)

  4. If I won the lottery, guess the first place I'd go?? Yup, Anthro!!! Love, Love, Love that place. Great post girl!


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