Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Foray...Leggings

Do you ever have a style you really want to pull off but seems to elude you? I have been wanting to do the whole "effortlessly chic and comfortable in leggings and a slouchy sweater with boots" trend for a few months. I wanted to look put together, cozy but not sloppy. I see women all over of all ages wearing this and they look really nice, and a bit different than the jeans and sweater look with a coat. I am kinda self conscious about how the leggings look but I am trying...


Sweater: BR Ribbed V-Neck (no longer online, check sale racks!)
Leggings: Hue via Nordstrom
Tee: Target Tissue Tee
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce

This sweater is something I would never pick up unless I was looking for this particular style. I realized the short sleeve look would allow for a tighter tee underneath, maybe making the look a bit sleeker. Also covers the butt, not too tight or too swingy. Who knows if I pulled it off, but I feel like I can stop the quest for this look. Now I just need the courage to wear it!

Do you wear your leggings out? How do you wear them?


  1. I think you look wonderful! Wear it with pride, girlfriend!

    Just wanted to alert you, too, that I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award over at my blog, Enjoy, and thank you so much for YOUR fantastic blog!!

  2. I have fallen for leggings in a big way this year, though I refuse to do the whole trend of wearing leggings as pants! The booty must be covered in my opinion, no matter how good it looks! I've been doing the extra long cardigans from jcrew, tunics and long sweaters/cardigans, if i'm just lounging sometimes I'll wear one of american apparels hoodie dresses. I haven't tried it yet with flats or heels, mostly because it's been too cold to do it with anything other than boots!

  3. This is such a nice outfit. I love the lines and I think it is super-flattering on you.

    Next are you going to go into the wild world of shiny, spandex leggings? :) Just kidding...

  4. I think you look great! I always have a problem pulling off my boots over skinny jeans. My jeans get baggy around the knees and I feel sloppy. Definitely buying some leggings!

  5. This outfit looks fab! Leggings got a bad rap in the 80s but look great with the right outfit.

  6. So comfy, yet chic :)

    I wear leggings quite often under dresses, occasionally with a tunic type thing, but I too am a bit self-conscious about 'sporting the legging as pants'.

    You look great! Keep it going :)

  7. I think you hit the mark with this outfit. The sweater and boots are perfect. I think wearing leggings under short dresses, tunics, long sweaters looks great and cozy. And then paired with boots-perfect! I've started trying out jean leggings and find that if you get a pair that are closer to jeans than cotton leggings, they are fun to wear too!

  8. I love this look!

    Just wondering...where are those boots from?

  9. If we follow what Mrs.LifeAccounts said, we'll be all right. The booty has to be covered. I think your outfit is perfect. Go for it!

  10. looks good!

    ...i've been trying to pull off that look but with tight jeans... no matter how skinny i get my jeans they still bunch at the knees!

  11. I think you look fantastic, and I completely agree re bootie coverage. I haven't done leggings in awhile, but I do wear my JC Matchsticks pretty snug. I'm also curious about the Minnies for that legging look. I love that sweater!

  12. You look fantastic! I typically wear my leggings in a similar way.

  13. Looking good, lady! Rock on, I definitely think it works for you. And I agree, the booty needs to be covered in most cases. :)

    I'd love to see what the leggings look like with your awesome cowboy boots. Have you tried that? (Or is it too "western" looking for Boston???)

  14. Ditto to the above. The outfit looks fantastic on you - you nailed it! Love thes sweater - and really love the "no longer online - check sale racks" comment - so true - stuff disappears from their website.


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