Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life Right Now--Words with J

I'm really not bringing my A-game as a comeback blogger, but moving right along.

I can't believe its almost August.  We're just trying to soak up summer and I am having such a fun time seeing it through J's eyes this year.  Now at last he can finally tell us (all the crazy) things that he is thinking, wanting to do, questions he has. 

I think this language development part of toddlerhood is my most favorite kid thing to unfold so far.  Hearing them say first words, then new words, then sentences, questions, etc.  Its just the craziest thing.  I am constantly amazed at what he remembers, connects, and wonders.  He started out making up his own words for things....

Yowie = Cat
Mine = Mail
Bok-bok = Chicken Nuggets
Butterbutter = peanut butter

Today, he says things each day that surprise me....

Upon walking slooooowwwly down the stairs to the car:
J: You got my snacks, Mommy?
Me: Yes, buddy I've got some snacks.
J: Oh. What KIND of snacks you got?  I bet some bunnies. Yum. They're DELISH.

After a dip in the 9 dollar plastic pool:
J: I got some trash (skin) on my fingas mommy.  I want dis trash off!
Me: James, your skin is just pruney from the water, it will get better when it dries.
J: You gets this pruney off my fingas now mommy?! (with much urgency)

After water table sesh, shirt removed.
J (looking down at chest): What dese, mommy?
Me: Oh. Um, those are nipples.
J: You got some nipples, Mommy?
Me: Um, yes, I do. Everyone has them. Um, all shapes and sizes.
J (reaching for babysitters shirt): You got some nipples, Kathy?
Me: !!!

At a stop at our fave, the UPS store.  
J: Hi Black Man!!!
Me: Oh yes, his shirt is black, good job! And there is a blue shirt man, over there!!

A dinnertime chat with my mom.
Omi: James, are you a finicky eater? Are you Mr. Finicky?
J: (pause). No! I a (last name)!!

He's the best.  I've talked with friends recently about how I become so easily frustrated with how long things take with a toddler, how much noise of life there is, how I can't think at the grocery store because a certain SOMEONE is singing "Wheels on the bus!" at top volume.  But the truth is I have no where that important to be, and when he goes to bed its too quiet.  I'm hoping I remember all the awesome babble and the little things--like his made up words, I know they'll be gone all too soon. 

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  1. Love the new updates and a Camp Patton take on Convos with Julia!! Love that little nugget!


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