Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recent Target Finds

I find myself at Target at least twice a week these days.  And by "find myself", I mean I eagerly plan and steer my mom-mobile towards that shiny red light whenever I can.  Target is like the 2013 Town Square, with buying and selling and greeting and meeting to be done.  Is that sad, or a good thing? Don't answer that.  I get a lot of our essentials there, but also love to check out things all over the store.  I WISH our Target was one where I could buy raspberries and salad and wine and chicken breasts, but we are still waiting to be upgraded.  In the meantime, I have more time there to browse the things we don't need, but I might..."want"...

I have been having better and better luck over the years at finding great things at Target to work into my wardrobe.  There are certain things that I know I can rely on finding there : basic t shirts, sandals, some workout wear, sleepwear.  There are other things that I stay away from or have had bad luck with: jeans, boots or heels, dresses or skirts.  I see Target items popping up in outfits on blogs and Instagram, and I also think its a great way to try a trend at a low investment.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

First, the Merona Lace Popover, retails for $19.99 here seen in size Large White.  My sister actually found this piece and then I had to go out and find it!   I like that the neckline is a bit scooped, there is a full white lining, and the top has a little stretch to give and move more easily than traditional eyelet.  Even with a slightly puffed sleeve, this will work under jackets or cardigan.  The large is a little roomy, but I think the medium would lose the easy shape and length this one has.  Also, you can see my fave new "wardrobe list" purchase--the Paige Jimmy Jimmy distressed jeans.  Plus James jamming with a hanger. 

 Next, the Merona Rugby Shirt Dress, retails for $22.99 here seen in Blue Diamond Size Large.  I brought this one home but I am still deciding on it--my stripe addiction made me buy this one, although I might consider the solid navy version to be less....horizontal.  Its an easy-on dress, very comfy, not sheer--I plan on wearing this as a shorts alternative or even a coverup for our upcoming vacation (more on that soon!).  I think it would look great with a coral bubble necklace or with gold.  Obviously I wouldn't wear this with jeans--I just try to avoid taking off shoes and having bare feet on the Target floor, yuck.  Not sure J loves this item--he has strong opinions and no poker face. 

A recent shoe find--the Merona Genuine Leather Emma scrunch flat, retail for $39.99 here seen in Tan size 8.5, my regular shoe size.   One of the things I had on my wardrobe list was a nude/tan pair of workhorse flats.  I had a nice Michael Kors pair from a couple years back, but they have a big logo and a driving moc sole, so I can't wear them every day.  These Target flats aren't in stores (that I have seen) but I decided to order them on a whim since I have free shipping with my RedCard (dangerous).  These are really comfy right out of the box and even more so after only an hour of wear.  They are more comfortable than JCrew Ceces, with a full rubber sole and the same feel of a small wedge inside.  I thought for sure I would return these, instead I have been wearing them for the past 3 days!  Really recommend, there are great other colors too.

Some other recent favorites are:

Xhilaration Bright Striped Scarf, $14.99.  Great way to add a dash of neon color to an outfit.  I find that the scarfs are overall pretty well made, but sometimes need a touch test. 

Finally, the Gilligan & O'Malley Knit Sleepset, $24.99 online but I have seen them marked down to $19.99 in stores.  LOVE THESE.  So comfy, wash well, stretchy but keep their shape, look cute and less masculine than traditional sleepsets.  I have the black and a gray that sold out, but I am hoping they make these in a shorts/short-sleeve version for summer--favorite pajamas right now!

Last but not least, these Mossimo Junior VNeck Ts are a perfect boyfriend t shirt, for $8.  Great deep v that isn't too low, little pocket, nice flattering fit with a little slouch.  I have these in Large and XL since they are juniors and I like to have a couple shirts that are more slouchy than fitted.  Great great basic t for layering and summertime.

Those are some of my recent great Target finds.  Do you shop at Target too...for more than just milk and frozen waffles?  What are your recent favorites?

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  1. Great picks!! I also got the "Dressy" T in heather grey and really like it. Keep the posts coming!! Love James in the background!


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