Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to clothes for a minute...

I may have a closet of clothes I haven't worn in months, a plastic tub slowly claiming the maternity clothes I no longer need in my hallway, and a daily wardrobe of yoga pants and hoodies (and bleary tired eyes..)...BUT that doesn't stop me from appreciating some new offerings debuting this spring.

First, Boden is launching a Limited Edition line. I haven't ever bought anything from Boden before, but I think I need this darling top for spring...

I am also really intrigued by the launch of BHLDN, a new line from those behind Anthropologie specializing in all things wedding and occasions. The pieces look beautiful and unique...great to see a new point of view for this kind of market! They have a starter website here and there is some GREAT info on Anthroholic, which you can find here. They are offering everything from wedding dresses, party dresses, shoes, stationery, hairpieces, housewares, etc etc. So so pretty!

For now, back to my yoga pants...but a girl can start to dream, can't she? Hope you all are well!!

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